Simple Share Buttons Adder – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Simple Share Buttons Adder – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Simple Share Buttons, the simple way to add share buttons to your website.

A short tutorial on how to setup your social share links on your WordPress blog or website.

Please visit the forums for any support you may need


28 Replies to “Simple Share Buttons Adder – WordPress Plugin Tutorial”

  1. How can i delete the alert on my MU wordpress instalation i only use it for one site and i dont care that i have to configure it i know this!

  2. Hmmm… Having trouble with the drag and drop. On no browser can I make it work…

  3. Just installed it, and it looks great.

    I hope that all those people on the WP forum can find it. When I checked just now, the topic had been closed!

  4. Great plugin! Thankyou! I have a problem I only want the buttons to show on top so I choose the “before” option but buttons appear on the side too. How can I fix this?

  5. It doesn’t look like this anymore. Does anyone know how to remove unwanted social media icons from being used on WordPress? I only want Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!

  6. This plug in is causing problems in my site. I’m getting a notice to configure the plug in and it won’t go away even once the plug in is configured. When I try to deactivate other plug-ins and delete them, I get redirected to a page that contains just this notice. It’s also happening when my clients try to upload images.

  7. Looks nice, i like the immense customization options. Gonna give it a go right now on my webshop 🙂

  8. I really want this to work but it’s not letting me drag and drop them 🙁

  9. Frustrating…can’t get the drag and drop to work. I see others have the same problem. Wassup?

  10. I followed all your steps, but the configuration bar not did not show up on top of the site. What did I do wrong?

  11. I realy like this plugin and it works well but, as with many other plugins, I have trouble finding out what some of the settings actually do in terms of final appearance.

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