PSD To WordPress Tutorial #21 – The Page.php Template

PSD To WordPress Tutorial #21 – The Page.php Template

The default template for static pages in WordPress is controlled by the page.php file in the theme folder. In this PSD to WordPress tutorial, I’ll walk you through tweaking the page.php file to match the designs for the rest of our theme.


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10 Replies to “PSD To WordPress Tutorial #21 – The Page.php Template”

  1. Hello. Does anyone know why my css does not update immediately, i must reset everything until I see changes ;/

  2. HUGE Thanks. I knew I was missing something to start getting my head around WP. And I found it in this tutorial. TWO Keys: Hierarchy explained really well, to really understand how WP works and Underscores, fundamental piece of code to get up and running quickly and furher understand the sctructure. I didn´t find this info in any of the other tutorials on youtube.

  3. Just only want to say that a marvellous series, beautiful. Love ur explaining style. :). Dying to see an advance series on wordpress.

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