Lead Generation WordPress Tutorial

Lead Generation WordPress Tutorial

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  1. James, I loved your video on how to create a website i am 31 yrs old and disabled with Cerebral palsy so working a normal job is very hard for me i have always been good at building and repairing computers i was wondering how much you would charge me to build a website to help me make a living for myself thanks nick

  2. i like your videos, i have a question my friend has a youtube channel and wants to get his video to go out automatic to facebook and twitter would he use the twitterfeed.com or something else i would really appreciate you information

  3. I found a person who has the same goal, passion, and thirst for success as mine.  We are planning to do the exact same thing you said on all your videos. We have the idea, but we are not sure how to make it work properly. I’d like to say thank you very much for the video tutorials you’ve made. I learned a lot and will share this to my partner. I believe that we will be successful one day as long as we keep learning and doing what needs to be done. We will follow your guide! Thank you!!!

     “Perfection is not the highest achievement, DOING is the highest.”

  4. I want to build a website with 9 pages selling 9 different products. What problems will that cause? No one talks about sub domains, is this a good way to do what I want to do.

  5. What an excellent video!. I like your energy in this video and the optimism that you transmit. Thanks a lot. You are a good guide for me.

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