How To Set Up WordPress In Dreamweaver

How To Set Up WordPress In Dreamweaver

In this tutorial learn how to set up a WordPress site locally for editing in Dreamweaver. Learn how to install a local server (MAMP) set up a database, import your own content and then set up Dreamweaver to test the WordPress site locally.

Links you’ll need:

Example site:

Tip: In Dreamweaver, turn off Display External Files for faster performance.

Additional tutorials will dive more into theming and customizing a WordPress site in Dreamweaver.


22 Replies to “How To Set Up WordPress In Dreamweaver”

  1. I want to use this setup but I can’t seem to get it to work. WordPress won’t accept my username and password. I keep getting an error.

  2. hi I got a problem Dynamically-related files could not be resolved that text shows up

    but design and view works and HTML shows up

    I have changed wordpress permalinks to plain still that text shows up

    please advice what can be wrong?

  3. Thanks for this. I have been struggling with this process and have gotten the server set up and the site named and configured. I get stumped with the dynamically-related files “Discover” button. I set the permalinks to the first choice which I believe to be the default, but that did not solve the problem. Now I wonder if I need to do that export/import thing that you rushed me through. Can you elaborate on what you were exporting and where you were importing it to? Not clear. Also any help with the dynamically-related files?

  4. This is more about how to setup wordpress localy, the part where you conncect it to dreamweaver is really rushed and not useful for someone who never tried that before

  5. Yea, fuck that. The part I was here for was rushed and not very well explained.

  6. What are you opening in Dreamweaver to start with? The video has you ALREADY in dreamweaver. Thus, I’m getting confused as to if I’m starting a new site and creating a new directory, pointing to the wordpress directory, or what.
    You skipped that step entirely and it’s causing a bit of confusion.

    Followed everything perfectly but what the hell am i doing when I FIRST open Dreamweaver??

  7. file would not import due to restricted limits. Would have been nice if you suggested allowing for more and where.

  8. I downloaded MAMP and when opening this message shows up “The program can’t start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing”… Any suggestions?

  9. More useless crap, WP easy my arse, WP promotes its self as being easy, I’ve asked at least 20 people how they find WP to work with, everyone said it’s crap.

  10. hello!! ı want to ask that is that normal mb limit for importing. ı have another web site and ı want to work that in local host but ı cant. that import 29 mb but its limits me 3 mb how can ı ıt make work?

  11. This video is pretty old as well. Could you do a new one so that we can see how it should work now? My XML file isn’t being recognized by DW and Adobe’s documentation is too windy.

  12. Hey I dont appear to be able to use the ‘Live’ for Dreamweaver after I’ve done these steps carefully. Please help!

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