How To Make A WordPress Website With The Divi Theme – 2016 | WordPress Divi Theme Tutorial

How To Make A WordPress Website With The Divi Theme – 2016 | WordPress Divi Theme Tutorial

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Learn How To Make a WordPress Website. Here, You can learn how to make WordPress website. In this tutorial, I show you how to use the Divi theme in order to make your WordPress website. Its simple. Drag and Drop, Copy and Paste Tutorial

To Visit The Demo Site. Go to:

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Here is the link for the Divi theme for WordPress:

Here Are The Instructions To Download the Theme:

1. Click The Link

2. Click on “JOIN TO DOWNLOAD” at TOP RIGHT of Menu

3.Choose Your Plan ( Cheapest One Is Fine )

4. Sign up and Enroll

5. Download “Divi Theme” under Themes. Than Install To WordPress

Here is the link for the Divi theme for WordPress:

In this tutorial, I will go step by step on how to fully install WordPress with the divi theme. Follow my step by step instructions and i will show you how to do it! I also teach you how you can integrate paypal options without having a cart.

The following tutorial is really helpful if you are new. Many people on YouTube use really bad and ugly WordPress themes. The divi theme has won theme of the year many times and is considered one of the themes of all time. If you are serious about starting a beatiful and stunning website with wordpress, than you have come to the right place

Good luck on your new WordPress website and i hope that you learn and master WordPress!

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25 Replies to “How To Make A WordPress Website With The Divi Theme – 2016 | WordPress Divi Theme Tutorial”

  1. Hi Darrel, Thanks so much for the tutorial. It is awesome. My question relates to using the image url instead of downloading images and uploading through the media library. I hear a lot about copyrighted images and fines being issued by using images online. Is using just the url and actually not downloading and uploading them onto your own server some loophole to use peoples images without paying for then. I just want to be sure before I start to do that. Thanks again Darrel. Cheers Barb

  2. How to import the exact same demo theme that Divi shows in the preview while buying it?

  3. Hi DARREL
    Thanks so much for this tutorial, saved my life !
    Q – i need to put some “welcome to my website” text – on the homepage
    I have my own video – of talking and showing my work, and need the text to hover on the lower part of full width video
    so it does not come across my face.
    or a text presperant – slider with some recomendations. like this page for examp
    my home page will try to look alike..

  4. I cant find the Divi Builder icon in the plugins. please help. BTW I was watching other video of yours Top 11 best WordPress plugins.

  5. Great Video!!! Why would I get an error for the Google map saying: Oops! Something went wrong.This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

  6. Hi Darrel. this video is awesome. thank you for the time and effort you have put into this. I love the paypal option as I have been searching for something simple for my website – . I want to ask if you know of a calendar that I could add to the paypal option to book a trip on a specific date and time?

  7. Is there any way to restart the Countdown automatically? For example I have a one hour long live chat every monday 10pm and I want one countdown for weekly Monday 22:00, at the time of live chat to change on the same place for another countdown for an hour to the end of actual live chat and repeat the process again and again?

  8. Hi Darrel really enjoyed looking at your videos great stuff I just wanted to know if I can use the Divi theme for a social media and forum website I will be using bbpress and buddypress plugins to create t I know there are specific themes for this like the boss theme however i really like the look of Divi what would you suggest thanks

  9. Great tutorial!! A good video for a newb blogger for sure!! I missed the part about getting the “Start Here” button to move left to right across the screen . Will go back to find where you talk about it.

  10. Darrel Thanks for such a grear tutorial. I have subscribed your channel and following your videos. I want to learn about Making a Directory Website Like OLX, Quicker, Yellowpage. I Want to learn about the feature which allow visiters to create there page themeself.

  11. Hi Darrel I want to learn about wordpress plugin called Profile Builder. How to use it. I want to make a website on food and cooking where people can share there recipies by creating there profile on my website.

  12. Thanks so much. The video helped me tremendously. The one thing I still have questions about is categories. How and when do you use them?

  13. Hi darrel, this tutorial is really insightful and easy to learn………pls how do i get a visual builder?

  14. I am using Divi builder but different Theme (theme not from Elegant Themes), how can I do full width modules (images and other types of content) ? I know there are Full Width options in the plugin settings but this does work only in Elegant Themes and on others Themes doesn’t

  15. Good day Darrel great presentation but i wonder if it can be used for e-commerce store presenting many products on a single page. Any example i could use. Thank you

  16. Darrel, I have no idea why you do what you do, spending so much time doing detailed instructional videos like this. But you, my friend, and others like you are what make Youtube great. Thank you.

  17. Darrel I’m having a tough time getting hyperlinks to work when using the text module. I’m trying to link to a page outside of my site (external link) and I keep getting the 404 error message. It keeps using the original post link, tagging by link on the end, hence the 404 error. I’m obviously missing something. Can you help?

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