How To Create A WordPress Plugin Part1

How To Create A WordPress Plugin Part1

In this introduction to creating a WP plugin we will create a simple WordPress plugin. I will demonstrate the following concepts in this video tutorial:

– creating administration pages
– using the wordpress styles to create your admin styling
– interacting with the WP database using the $wpdb object

Tutorial Part 2 –
Full Blog Post –


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  1. So far the best one I come across to learn how to develop a plugin. This video is great and I was able to create a plugin on my own. Thanks for this video. Would be looking into more such. 🙂

  2. Do you have anything from before a beginner?…lol…I feel horrible but all that page spinning got me all confused. I’m so old now…this stuff just doesn’t register with me anymore. Wished I knew how to save the php file and where and what is supposed to open it. I read all your comments and you must be good…but I’m just so dumb.

  3. Hi there, It seems to me that I don’t have any drafts showing.
    Should I put them in mysql myself?

  4. thx for the tutorial, but the problem is, the settings menu dosen’t show the plugin i’m working with.

  5. How do I only display actual Article Posts, and not All posts, like Media posts etc etc? — Gamingdonks is right, you are missing a table tag at 6:40

  6. Also more relevant class to use in your table ( As of WordPress v4.4.2 ) is “wp-list-table widefat fixed striped” – This will add the alternating rows and improve column spacing

  7. Excellent tutorial! It is exactly what I needed! Helped me a lot. Now it’s much more clear for me about MySQL, PHP, HTML interactions within WordPress. Thank you very much!

  8. In case that you need, thank me later.

    A more intereting Hello World Plugin

    Post title
    Post ID

    Post title
    Post ID


    SELECT ID, post_title
    FROM $wpdb->posts
    WHERE post_status = ‘draft’



  9. how to add css and js files to the plugin without conflict with wordpress rest js/css files.

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