How To Build A Website With WordPress – Super Easy Tutorial!

How To Build A Website With WordPress – Super Easy Tutorial!

How To Build A Website with WordPress (step by step)
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This video will show you how to build a website with WordPress in 2014, step by step without missing any steps! You don’t need to know any html coding or need to have any previous web design experience to build an AMAZING website using WordPress. If you were to have a web designer build this website for you, you would be looking at paying around 00 for it! If you build your website using this tutorial it will cost you around to get started! So if you are ready to build WordPress, let’s build it together!

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Setting Up Hosting (with HostGator). Link:
Setting Up A Domain Name (with HostGator).
Installing WordPress on your new hosting account (using CPanel).
Logging into WordPress and changing your Password.
Changing your WordPress theme. (Customizr Theme).
Adding A Page with Text and an Image.
Adding A Page with a Video (embedded from YouTube).
Adding A Page with a Contact Form on it so visitors can send you a message (which will be sent as an email).
Changing the Home Page (including CTA buttons, or “Call To Action” buttons).
Adding your own Logo and Tagline.
Changing all of the necessary settings so your website runs smoothly.

Thank-You very much for watching my video, I hope you enjoyed it and more importantly I hope that it taught you how to build a website with WordPress!

If you have any questions (or just want to tell me I’m doing a great job! Haha) feel free to leave a comment below, I read and reply to every one

And remember that WordPress is so much more fun when we build it TOGETHER!

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  1. My Dashboard doesn’t look like this! 🙁 Could this be the a different version I am working with? Please help!

  2. Nice tutorial bro but I want to host my wordpress website by myself what should i do ? 🙂

  3. Hi
    Actually I have the domain, but we don’t have the hosting.
    I want first to make the design for the website, shall i do that without getting hosting.
    I have the account in WordPress, when i login i cannot find the appearance,theme,users, anything in the side bar.
    can you please help how to get over it?

  4. Your tutorial on wordpress was excellent…easy to follow and straightforward. Your instructional video’s rock. I believe i can tackle a yelp like website in wordpress…thank you!

  5. this is quite good, i like how you did a round up of what you`d done and what needed to be done, saw another tutorial 3 hrs 😐 prefer this one lol

  6. Thank you so much, though i wish u finished the tutorial till web activation

  7. Thank you so much ! finally found a simple and helpful. Did not miss any steps !

  8. nice video, I am going to start to edit a WordPress site, if I have the problem, I will contact you

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