Himalaya WordPress Theme Tutorial 1

Himalaya WordPress Theme Tutorial 1

Himalaya WordPress Theme Tutorial-1

You can download the theme …

Himalaya WordPress Theme with Elegant Design, simple, clean, one page, free responsive WordPress theme. For more latest video please subscribe,share,like or comment.

This is just a demo tutorial you can customized the theme as you want.


18 Replies to “Himalaya WordPress Theme Tutorial 1”

  1. Hi, WordPress Expert. I like the video. Could you help me, how can I make the section “OUR TEAM” just for one person, and that picture of person need to be in the middle of page. For example, Now in “Himalaya Theme” we have 3 persons in section “OUR TEAM”, so I want to leave one person and to make it in the middle of section. Please help?

  2. Hi WordPress Expert,
    I like your video to the core and I really appreciate your work. I created a site in a very less time by following your video. I expect some clarity on customizing the About Widget in himalayas theme.

    Would you mind helping me to customize the “About Widget” as I expect in example?

    Example :-
    [image] [content area]
    [content area] [image]
    [image] [content area]

    Thanks a many.

  3. Really liked your video. Helped us alot to create the Home page. However the Only problem We are facing is once we click on Portfolio/ Service or our team, it redirects to the page requested but the page shows blank instead of the content . Please visit our website for ref : http://www.book-my-safari.com

  4. Awesome tutorial! Thanks, really helpful for us. If you can help us more lil bit to solve our problem it will be super… The thing is we don´t know why the posts on “feature post” widget also appear on the bottom of our web, so there are double posts (one is on the feature post which is named “travel story” on our web, and another is on the bottom after the contact widget). please look out on our web http://gotravelland.com/ hopefully you can help us to figure out thanks!

  5. i have a question. How do you remove home in the bottom of the page? Please help its urgent

  6. Hello , when I enter the responsive menu site only works sometimes , what I do ? urgent. thank you

  7. Where can I get the same theme(Himalaya WordPress) but for HTML only not coded with php

  8. Hi, There’s no sound in your video. There was sound (or rather, music) for the first 1.30 minutes into your video. After that, it went silent till to the end of your video. Same thing with Tutorial 2. Do I need to do any adjustment somewhere?

  9. My subpages have white text on a white background in the nav. No clue why. When I go to appearance/customize, there’s nowhere to adjust colors. Where do I adjust colors?

  10. Hi WordPress Expert. I need to change words “read more” into another language. All my website is in polish and only these words are in english. Is it possible to make these changes?

  11. Hi WordPress Expert. I have some problem with Slider on homepage .When I click “Read more” I go to the sub, but I can`t write more content there, because I see the whole content on the slider as well. Is there any possibility to write more content on the subpage without showing it on slider?
    Thank you for your help.

  12. Hi WordPress Expert! Good work. About the problem of ” .hentry{display: none !important;} ” I can do to remove it of the home, but not that on the texts and images in the post of the blog zone? Thanks!!

  13. Great looking theme and precious video… . Really helped me to understand. I m a bit of a novice in regards to WP and do not know coding,  so this maybe an easy response . I don’t understand how the  ‘read more’ button works, especially how you direct where they link to.  For example in the first section – my read more button links to an empty page that I cannot seem to add text to. Same for the call to action. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  14. I have no widgets in some areas but I can’t remove the “example widget” text on most pages, how to fix? Thanks.

  15. I have had problems to set up the theme, but this video helped a lot. thanks.

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