Choosing A WordPress Theme Is Hard, Here’s How To Decide.

Choosing A WordPress Theme Is Hard, Here’s How To Decide.

A reader asked if the new TwentySeventeen WordPress theme would be right for a WooCommerce powered Jewelry store.

In this video, I quickly designed a basic Jewelry store website using the theme, with WooCommerce, and discuss the challenges of finding the “perfect” WordPress theme.

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17 Replies to “Choosing A WordPress Theme Is Hard, Here’s How To Decide.”

  1. Hi Matt, I’d love to see you do an in depth review of the uncode theme for WordPress in the future if possible. I’m a current user but would like to hear your professional opinion about the theme? Thanks Ant

  2. Great vid, first one I’ve seen where you basically say ‘yeah this theme isn’t so good for this and here’s why’. A lot of advice I think is to buy a premium theme

  3. More then hard to choose a theme is to choose visual wp builder. All of them are pretty confused but their marketing bet they are wonderfull!

  4. The title on this is incredibly misleading. I find all the theme/plugin choices overwhelming and was hoping this could help.

  5. hey! what kind of theme do you recomend for if i want a website where i post photos, videos, articles, a magazine type (jokes). i’m finding what theme to choose. thank you.

  6. I personally use GeneratePress theme with BeaverBuilder Lite plugin. It works like a charm and now I have actually produced a template to download.

  7. so,,i see loads of nice wordpress themes but can only see them in blog mode and not full site mode,,,nothing ever works in wordpress!!!!!….is this for real?

    i ve never seen anything so hard to use before…if you can code do your own thing…if you cant dont touch wordpress…. i might return one day but for now i need to make some money!!!

    i hate to say it but if wix ever gets its back end sorted out..wordpress is over…100%

  8. is it correct that on u can just start a new website whenever you want with same log in but on .org you have to create a whole new download?

    seeing as the whole planet is supposedly using wordpress there are very low hits on you tube ‘how to do anything cos there is no logic’ videos….should be in the millions.

  9. Excellent. I’m new to WordPress and I’ve found that Twenty Seventeen does a great job on my biography as an author. I was going to choose it to sell my book (one product), but found problems when it came to selling the eBook as well. However, I really do like the parallex photo option (if I said that correctly). Do you know of another theme which allows the large large photographs and Woocommerce?

  10. I am coming from a Wix user to WordPress and am scared that I won’t be able to learn how to do this. (I am someone who is self-taught in everything I have ever done but am older now and just not as clear or as fast as I used to be) so be patient with me please. I want to build an online directory that will eventually be at least 2000 pages. Does wordpress support this many (or more) pages on the site (not .org site)? Can I create a page and simply click a button and duplicate it? I cannot ask these questions on worpdress without creating an account first so I thought I would ask an expert.

  11. This channel and this video in particular adds a ton of value for me.

    Building a site is confusing and its made worse by the overall assumption that this should be easy. This really helps me navigate through all of the options.

  12. So, when trying to decide on a theme, is there a way to evaluate what the customization options will be prior to downloading them? Or do you just have to install & play with them all to decide if they will work? I am new to WP and have been getting frustrated by trying all these themes and not being able to change what I want to change.
    Perhaps it is just because I am just starting to try to use WP & don’t know what to look for in the demo sites but I keep finding myself at dead ends with the themes I try.

  13. This is a good video on how to make to most of a particular theme and its limitations, but its not, as the title suggests, on how to choose a theme

  14. hi, can I remove the powered by WordPress and theme credit link on the footer of free, trial and premium themes?

  15. A nice discussion about the difficulties of adapting a marketing theme to be be a store. But does not deliver on the promise in the title of guidance on how to choose an theme generally. Would be great to hear a survey of common types of sites and what sorts of themes work best for them : )

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