Awesome Photo Gallery In WordPress

Awesome Photo Gallery In WordPress

Learn how to make an awesome photo gallery in wordpress. Learn how to upload, resize, create thumbnails and more in the nextgen gallery.


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  1. I am a novice, I admit that. I have been frustrated trying to get my site up with photos. This video made all the difference in the world. I love
    Tyler ‘s videos!!!

  2. Thanks! but what if I wanna have a page with many different albums on it? How can I do it with this plug in?

  3. love all of your videos. Need some help. Do you know a gallery where it allows members to comment on photos

  4. Great video as always Tyler!! i have only one question. If a photo has multiple views angles ect. what plug in or how could I find the plug in where you can click the photo and below it are different views or it? or do you have a video Of the installation of it

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