15 Minute Website W/Headway Theme For WordPress

15 Minute Website W/Headway Theme For WordPress

This video shows you how quickly you can create a professional looking business website with WordPress & the Headway Theme 3.0. This video covers the basics, you can learn even more in the Compass Learning Modules at


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  1. Thanks for commenting. I do know that the grid isn’t an exact representation (been using Headway since HW 1.0). I even out my blocks for two reasons. 1. It’s just me, I like to create a representation that is going to mimic the end result as much as possible and 2. On layouts a bit more complex you can sometimes get blocks being ‘pushed’ out of place. Sizing my blocks closer to the actual layout has helped me with this issue. Note: This video is Headway 3 but not 3.5.x

  2. Hello, I am new to Headway Themes.
    I have an image Logo in the Header section of my website. 
    In responsive mode, the Logo Image reduces in size, but the wrapper stays the same height. 
    This means I end up with a lot of blank space under the Logo on smaller screens. 
    Could you tell me how to make it so that the header wrapper resizes as well in responsive mode.

  3. I was working with wrong tutorials. You cleared my concepts all at once.

    Thank you

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