How To Get First Page Ranking In Google – WordPress Tutorial Videos

How To Get First Page Ranking In Google – WordPress Tutorial Videos

With WordPress Tutorial Videos training, you learn how to build a WordPress website properly. You will also learn how to get first page ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. I’ve designed a WordPress Tutorial Video site which will show you exactly how I get top ranking in the search engines.

The best way to learn WordPress is through video training. It’s just easier to watch how a website is built and then follow along. Ill show you how to install, setup and optimize your WordPress site so that you get found online.

I cover all of the basics of web design as well as show you how to use web authoring tools such Firebug. You will learn how to create and manipulate images using graphic design software such as Gimp and Irfanview.

You’ll learn all about themes, menus, widgets, plugins, avatars, pages, posts, permalinks, headers, footers and plenty more.

Visit my website and check out the free videos. You will find useful information about web design, SEO and website promotion that you can use right now.

Getting first page ranking in the top search engines; such as Google and Yahoo, is not something that happens overnight. And, there are many factors that contribute to successfully achieving this.

Here are a few considerations all WordPress web developers should be aware of:
Tips List
1.Build a quality website with plenty of relevant and original content.
2.Build your main page around your primary keyword.
3.Create at least three pages using secondary keywords; always anchor your primary keyword on these pages
4.Write articles and make them posts.Link out to related content
5.Always use a Blog Roll linked out to related content
6.Create YouTube videos about your website 🙂

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