WP Super Cache Settings 2017 Tutorial

WP Super Cache Settings 2017 Tutorial

Wp super cache setting options are super easy. Install wp super cache plugin like other WordPress cache plugin.
Wp super cache plugin creates static HTML files from WordPress Sites and serves it to the website visitors rather than pulling data every time from Database running tons of heavier WordPress PHP scripts.

Wp super cache Plugin comes with several setting tabs grouped with setting options like Basic, Advanced, CDN, Contents, Preload, Plugins, Debug.
Basic and advanced tabs hold the vital setting options.
First of all – Click on caching on Radio button and the hit on Update status button. The plugin with start creating cache files from the site. And please follow with this video and I hope, you will find it easy to setup this plugin.
Thank you for Watching wp super cache settings tutorial.

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8 Replies to “WP Super Cache Settings 2017 Tutorial”

  1. Thanks for the video. I could follow along a bit, but it was really difficult to understand you. Perhaps, you might consider moving the mic a bit farther from your mouth. Also, there was some people talking in the background that created a distraction.

  2. If i deactivate the plugin at the end. Will al thhe caching still works because you used the mod rewrite

  3. Thanks for the video, great work buddy. 1 question, when clearing cached files, will I be at risk for losing any analytics data from Google Analytics?

  4. brother will it work for woocommer? if i apply these plugin how about cart , checkout tab for my online shop

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