WordPress Tutorials In Hindi Part 04 | All About Plugins In WordPress

WordPress Tutorials In Hindi Part 04 | All About Plugins In WordPress

this is the 4th part of wordpress tutorials in hindi video series.in this video we learn about plugins .what is plugins in wordpress how to install and how to setup


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  1. how to customize wordpress according to our design, how make wordpress free theme as our design
    and how to create out own theme for wordpress………

  2. thanks sir And Thank you for good response and i am waiting for “Integrate HTML into WordPress”

  3. Contact form 7, is not sending mail to my to: adress, it shows sucessful, but i dont get mail in “to”mail id, not even in junk/spam folder.

  4. It’s really amazing……… Thanks for your wonderful gift (wp tutorial).. and I wish may Allah bless u..

  5. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in E:xamphtdocsprojectwordpresswp-includesRequestsTransportcURL.php on line 462

    mein yeh slider kr raha hn nahi ho rah ha or master b any sol??? plzzzz

  6. hello sir school ya college ka contact ya registrar from kese Bante hi our usme me photo our print out ka bhi hona chahiye

  7. hello sir mujhe ak plugin banwna hi school our college register froms ka kya aap mujhe ye plugin bana ke de skte hi WordPress ka hi please help me

  8. Installation failed: Download failed. No working transports found
    kindly help

  9. sir make videos on freelancing.i will be very thankful to you.
    love you.i am your fan from pakistan

  10. sir mere pc may plugins install nahi ho rahe hai plz
    tell me how to install plugins without that type of error
    like that…
    “Installation failed: Download failed. cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate “

  11. hi sir !
    why i can’t see themes and plugin in my wordpress dashboard sir pls help how i can solve it easily

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