WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composers Text Blocks

WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composers Text Blocks

In this video in the WordPress Visual Composer series, I show you how to work with the Text Block function. See how to create more complex pages with these fundamental building blocks.


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6 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composers Text Blocks”

  1. Thanks much!  Updating my ancient websites (created on desktop software 8 years ago). Quickly got frustrated by the limitations of wordpress themes and researched and purchased VC. Thanks for getting me started.

  2. thank you very much .. you don’t know how useful your videos for me .. i have an interview task to be done with visual composer and due your videos tutorial and your clear explanation after Allah blessing I couldn’t do it ..

    i’m just asking to clear that while um creating several rows in the page if i didn’t set the attributes of row design style it will not be shown in the page so kindly clear this point in your next videos 🙂

    thanks so much thanks for million times 🙂

  3. Thanks for your helpful video’s! Do you also know how to adjust font/text size in Visual Composer?

  4. As well as size of text, don’t you think the burning question a user may have about entering text in to a text box might be How do I choose the font? But it’s not mentioned here. When doing a tutorial, like writing a book, you must consider ALL your audience. I generally enjoy your tutorials and have found them very helpful but feel disappointed you left this important item out of ‘Text boxes’.

  5. Thanks for your video! It’s very usefull.
    When you used the “read more” function in your text, it wasn’t displayed on your actual text blok (after the refresh).
    I have the same problem. When I want to minimalise a text by the “read more” function it doens’t work when I update it on my actual webpage.

    The “read more” function is also used in a text block setting box by the tag:

    I am running: WPBakery Visual Composer version 4.11.2.
    And the Avada Theme (if this mathers)

    Can anybody help me with this problem? Or does somebody knows a plug-in that fixes this? I have tried some and it won’t fix my problem.

    Any help is welcome! Thank you

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