WordPress Tutorial — Using The UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

WordPress Tutorial — Using The UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

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UpDraftPlus is a highly rated backup plugin for WordPress that goes beyond just backing up a database. UpdraftPlus also optionally backs up your theme, plugins, and any images or web objects you uploaded to the wp-content directory. In other words, it backs up and stores everything you need to re-create your WordPress site if the hosting company’s web server crashes or is destroyed in a disaster.


6 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial — Using The UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin”

  1. I liked how you narrated the video and simplified it for newbies. Keep up the good job.

  2. These guys dont puts in the sales page that the fucking add ons just work for 1 year, after they refuse to do refunds. Thieves. I recommend BackupWordpress plugin, much better support and functionality. Even the free version of them is much better than this crap. So try BackupWordpress.

  3. *** EDIT *** Actually, I just saw that the PREMIUM version does what I was asking about below. Got it…

    Great video! Thanks 🙂 1 issue I had was I used Google Drive. It saved the 4 files in the updraft folder, and worked great. But I have multiple sites. I don’t see a way to specify a different folder inside the “updraft” folder for each individual site. Can that be done? Or will there just be a bunch of files floating around in there for multiple sites? Thanks!

  4. Your guys fucking kidding me.. i made a database backup for my site, and when i restaured this shit just fucked up my site, now this guys are telling me to pay $30 for a extension of the plugin for my site start working again..

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