WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 5 – Appearance Settings, Menus And Widgets

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 5 – Appearance Settings, Menus And Widgets

THE NEW SITE IS UP FOR ALL WORDPRESS BEGINNERS!!! | In this fifth WordPress tutorial for beginners, I run you though changing your site’s appearance by showing you how to install and search for themes for your WordPress website. I also show you how to customize your WordPress website menu and installing widgets.

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23 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 5 – Appearance Settings, Menus And Widgets”

  1. First, thank you for your training videos. Question, when changing themes you show that you have to re-install your widgets, do you lose all the content in the previous theme’s widgets? Also, do you retain all the blog copy from the previous theme along with pages? thanks

  2. What theme are you using in this tutorial in order to have the second and third widgets and the footer widgets? I am just starting with the 2012 theme and these are not included.

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  4. Hi Robert,
    I seem to be having a problem with my Widgets, they will not be dragged at all! Any ideas?

  5. I didn’t realize there was a widget for “recent comments” – which does seem like a worthwhile widget to display. I like how you named your categories “On The Shelves”. With the latest version of Wpress, there are some good additions.

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  7. like this video but i like also this video please watch /watch?v=KZM0aUxb3Pg

  8. Hey Robert – are you aware of where your link takes you? When I click on the like to your desireadiffernce link under the MORE section, it doesn’t go to your site – it has some not so appropriate things on that site – am I the only one that has seen this? It is like adult stuff – just sharing since I think you might want to check it out.

  9. Robert I also go to a wesley united methodist church, just curious but what state do you reside in? I’m sure there are many wesley united’s out there.

  10. Great tutorials…. very helpful !!!, I would just maybe suggest silencing your mouse ( if it is possible) for future video tutorials … otherwise great stuff

  11. Hi Robert,
    At what point do you know that you are ready to sell a theme. I don’t think there was a video for it, but I would like to know some information about theme completion (this includes set up, amount, etc.) and linking it to pay pal…etc.

  12. Thank you I enjoyed your clear teaching. Just one minor point navigation is the correct spelling.

  13. I’ve installed RSS feeds on my blog but it wont show on my site. Does that mean its not supported by my theme?

  14. Appearance setting is one of the main things you need to learn when using WordPress. This will help you make a more effective and more efficient website. This video tutorial is very informative. This will help both newbies and pros in online marketing. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi Robert. Really good stuff. Thanks heaps!!

    Perhaps you were running on an older version of WP (I’m on version 3.7.1) when you made this tutorial but my widgets look different.

    Under “Secondary Widget Area” it says “An optional secondary widget area, displays below the primary widget area in your sidebar” but no space to input text.

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