WordPress Tutorial – Elegant Themes – Chameleon Home Page Setup

WordPress Tutorial – Elegant Themes – Chameleon Home Page Setup

How to set-up your Elegant Themes homepage. This tutorial is using the Chameleon Theme but would also be relevant to any of the Elegant themes. You’ll just have different options available for your home page.


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  2. Thanks a lot Deb from Spain. It’s really nice the easy way you explain these things. And nice voice too. Jesús.

  3. My home page got corrupted, I deleted it and now I cant set up a home page with a featured slider even I create a new page and se up as “home page”.
    Could you give me hint?

  4. wow, great video. Thanks! How do you post a picture on the multi media bar and pics on a page we have for staff bios?

  5. Thank you for explaining this so well. Just watched a another ET tutorial for a different theme and the guy was talking so fast and bouncing around betwen screens that it didn’t make any sense and I was lost. Now that I watched your tutorial I understand it much better. Thanks!

  6. Hello could you make a tutorial on how to remove the footer of this theme designed by elegant themes..

  7. Hi! I know this is old but I am desperately hoping someone could help me. I have this theme and I need to get the slider to function properly. The only issue is that the slider leaves an area on the right side where the image and text should be but aren’t present. The image or text isn’t cropped, they are just shrunk. There is a yellow background behind the image and this is what you can see in the sliver on the right.

    My featured images are all resized to 1080x414px. I am using pages rather than posts to pull my slider pages.

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