WordPress Tutorial | Adding Posts To A Page And Adding Links (Blogroll)

WordPress Tutorial | Adding Posts To A Page And Adding Links (Blogroll)

Here’s a quick video going over some WordPress basics: adding a post to a category and then adding a link (formerly known as blogroll). In this video, we’re looking at a site that has mostly pages as the navigation structure but within those pages are custom templates that list posts from a certain category. A nice way to (1) keep things simple on your site navigation-wise, but also (2) add new posts–and thereby new content–to your site rather than just adding a list to a long page (bad idea for search engine optimization).


14 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial | Adding Posts To A Page And Adding Links (Blogroll)”

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  2. Thank you sir for your video. I wanna know how to:
    1. Add a specific post to a specific page?
    2. how to remove default posts from a specific page?

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  4. It doesn’t work! How do you make a page (articles & musings) a category (articles & musings)?

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  6. I learned how to create a post, but How should I post it on a specific page

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  8. How do I make my page be able to have post links? I want to list any category under my page / category page. Also this video seems like its jumping in in the middle of talking bout something and we are missing the first part of what we needed to know.

  9. does anyone know how to link a post to a page without using the category method because when i use that i get this box and i don’t that. thanks

  10. you forgot to give us the page set up so that the page would receive the category as a list – you skipped the beginning

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