WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Theme Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how a WordPress theme comes together. I’ll walk you step by step through the html, css and WordPress PHP functions and how they work. I will use the default theme in WordPress to start out, but then will create more complicated themes as the tutorial continues.

The Code is Here:


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  1. I’m a student and I’ve been watching a lot of your videos lately.  There are very useful.  I’m starting a web programming course in a few days. I guess I’ll be watching more of your videos. Thanks for your help! 🙂

  2. Derek, hello hope you are still answering questions? I followed the business tutorial from another person on how to design a wordpress website with vantage. After i did everything i decided that i did not want the vantage theme, so i changed it to Ares theme and now not that i only don’t know how to redesign the site I cannot figure out how to design it at all, some plugins are gone. I have no clue on how to build a website so now i am really lose. My comments and reviews are still in take, i want to change the image and other things. Can you help please? I hope i did not confuse you as I am.

  3. Hi Derek, this is probably a stupid question, I downloaded the default theme and placed it in the themes folder in wp-content. Should i put this load this to my wordpress acount and work on it in localhost?

  4. Hey Derek, can you recommend any good books on general web development? I’ve found a ton of specific subjects like HTML, CSS, etc, but none on general practices, layout, design, organization, etc; basically putting it all together. Thanks for all that you do!

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