WordPress NextGEN Gallery Tutorial

WordPress NextGEN Gallery Tutorial

Tutorial demonstrating how to use the NextGEN Gallery Slideshow in a WordPress blog post. Includes gallery creation, uploading images to the gallery, inserting the gallery into a post, and setting slideshow options.


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  1. Good, concise video Jeff but by setting it to Flash that slideshow won’t be able to be seen on any iOS device… ?  I am also not seeing a working animated preview? Not sure on why… any ideas? You seemed happily surprised that yours showed up.

  2. @Mike, you are right. I thought that setting it to Flash just included Flash as an option to support older browsers. Turns out that is not the case. I just tested with an iOS device – no slide show. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. @Marge, I see the animation preview only when I save a draft and then click Preview. I do not see a preview in Visual mode.
    If you are not seeing animation when you click Preview, you might having a caching issue.

    The easiest thing to check is if it is a browser caching issue – try using a different browser to look at the Preview URL.

    There are caching plugins for WP that definitely cause this. Try disabling these under Plugins/List All Plugins.

    It is also possible that your PHP server has caching enabled and this may be causing the problem. My PHP setup has no caching (right now). You would check for this in you php.ini file and your .htaccess file.

  4. I have a problem: when I upload the pictures it shows a alert sign and it says “complete charge” but any picture is upload What I can do? Thanks

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