WooCommerce Tutorial Part 1 – Building An ECommerce Site With WordPress

WooCommerce Tutorial Part 1 – Building An ECommerce Site With WordPress

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Woocommerce tutorial on how to build a eCommerce site with WordPress, the WooCommerce plugin and the WooStore theme. In this video we show you how to install WooCommerce and the WooStore theme.

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36 Replies to “WooCommerce Tutorial Part 1 – Building An ECommerce Site With WordPress”

  1. Hi, In watching your first video I see that you loaded your Theme as a SECOND step. Will I run into any problems if I have already installed my theme (that is setup for using WooCommerce) before installing the WooCommerce Plugin?

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  3. Hi,
    Thank you for good tutorials.
    I have issue with navigation menu. I have installed woocommerce plugin into my template. 
    When I visit “Shop” page (this page was installed with woocomerce plugin) navigation menu is changing. 
    In other words, there are 4 links in Nav Menu whole over the site (Home About Shop Contact), whereas I can see only 2 in Nav Menu when I am in Shop’s page (Home Shop).
    I would highly appreciate if somebody could help me.

  4. Hi. Good video. We already have users created and logging In to our wordpress site using the wordpress user management system.

    if we install woo commerce, will the users have to log in again to woo commerce or access to the site remain under the control of the wordpress user management system?


  5. Great Tutorial.

    I have a question… Besides Woothemes, can I upload Woocommerce 2.0 on any Theme ?

    Thanks for your time, Cheers..

  6. Great Video… quick question. Once an order is taken, how do you get the “Order Status” to AUTOMATICALLY go to Complete vs. Pending?  I set it up through paypal.  I have a digital download site that will not send the download until the order is “Complete”.


  7. Ok! Activate your woocommerce plugin and earn a lot of problems that you had not.

    woocommerce plugin is destroying wordpress themes that do not offer integration woocommerce, as in previous versions had the option of using or not the integration css woocommerce, but this new version woocommerce there no longer use this option to yes or not css woocommerce. Do not use more woocommerce!

  8. I installed woocommerce 2.1.2 and under wooCommerce settings I do not see the Catalog, Pages, Inventory , Integration and Payments Gateways tabs.
    Why is that ? Every documentation video I see contains those tabs.
    Please help me out there. I am in the process to create my online shopping but I do need to wooCommerce settings tabs.

  9. Hey Adam, what if I just want to make 1 page of my WordPress blog an commerce page?  Is there any way I can just use WooCommerce for that 1 particular page?  Thanks.

  10. hi! one question here!
    i was already active a wordpress themes without shop, store, shopping cart etc.
    that’s will mean i can’t use the woo-commerce shopping cart on my themes right?

  11. hi, i need some help, on my wordpress site in the admin there is no ‘plugin’ option. any help? thanks 🙂

  12. Thanks for the vid. I searched for WooCommerce in the plugin … but was unsure on what plugin i needed to install. But i seem to got it working now 😀 Do you also happen to know if there is a plugin for a multilanguage WooCommerce site? Want to do the site in English and Dutch (my own language). Thanks in advance, and thanks for the vid 😀

  13. hi, I’m having trouble downloading the mystile woo theme to wordpress its giving me like an error page, do you know how i can fix that ?

  14. Alright there! Have you ever tried – TK Explosion Easy Website Builder (just google it)? Ive heard some super things about it and my GF got amazing results with it. 

  15. Great Tutorials….. thank you for sharing these with so many people… I set us a store with Wootique and can not seem to get my products to show in a column of three products.  It will only show two products.  and every now and then there is a skipped spot.   Any idea on how to fix this?   Again thank you for the work you do for free just to help people.

  16. I’m trying to create a menu in wordpress. There are usually a list of pages to chose from under the “view all” tab (such as blog, contact, about etc). These options are not appearing under the view all tab. Any idea as to why or how I can add a page without those options?

  17. Your tutorial is very good. Building an #eCommerce site with #WordPress has become very simple because now we have so many online website builder #software to help us in this. One such software that I am aware of this #TemplateToaster . This software is best in creating beautiful WP based #themes , #websites , #templates . The best thing about this software is, it is also compatible with #bootstrap functionality. http://templatetoaster.com/

  18. Is there a way to set the store theme for just the store pages without changing the whole site’s theme?

  19. Thanks Adam at UploadWP. This is so useful. WIll go through other videos and build my woocommerce site.

  20. Does one need WooCommerce to do a simple service and payment site? Like if I were to teach a class and wanted students to pay via the web. Would I need this plugin/ method of payment? Or is it just for people selling products?

  21. Hi I am setting up a site to sell bakery products pies cakes etc do you think this would work for a site selling that kind of product? could you suggest which theme you think would be the best for that please. Thanks for making these videos great for beginners like me!

  22. Hi, i’m trying to set up a site for wallpaper sales and is there any templates that i can add into it?

  23. what if i already have free themes could i be able to use woocommerce plate form to manage my site?

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