WooCommerce Memberships Plugin Tutorial: Create A Membership Website With WordPress

WooCommerce Memberships Plugin Tutorial: Create A Membership Website With WordPress

You can purchase the plugin here for just :

In this woocommerce membership tutorial, Ill show you how to use the memberships plugin! The woocommerce memberships plugin helps create a membership website with wordpress. Members have have special discount on produts in your store and also have a special members area page! This plugin integtrates well with the woocommerce subscriptions.

You can watch the woocommerce subscriptions tutorial here:

If you need help with woocommerce, you can watch my complete woocommerce tutorial here:

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9 Replies to “WooCommerce Memberships Plugin Tutorial: Create A Membership Website With WordPress”

  1. Hi Darrel, is there any plugin just to add login , join site without necessarily selling the membership plan?

  2. Hi Darrel, had a look at Your tutorial. Great stuff! Im sponsering a sportsclub and the athletes shall be able to purchase me products for at certain prices, not a % of the prices but a flate rate. There membership doesnt cost them anything cause Im sponsering them. I was wondering if the woocommerce membership allows certain members doing this and how? Shall each member have a wordpress user account and shall I then manually create each non paying member in the plan and afterwoods add all products for that plan and set the price?


  3. Darrel your are the wordpress god! thanks to you i became a wodpress pro 😀 SUPER TUTORIALS

  4. Hey,I’m unable to create membership and it’s not working as i was thinking. Can you please help me Darrel Wilson.
    Membership is showing like normal product.

  5. Does this integrate well with the subscription option as long as I have the subscription plugin?

  6. 14:20 Confused! :p Hi Darrel, great stuff! You recommend specifically Stripe, but in your next video on “”Subscriptions Plugin” you use Paypal instead. So… which one’s better? Or… pros/cons of each? Cheers!

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