UDesign WordPress Theme Tutorial

UDesign WordPress Theme Tutorial

udesign theme tutorial. u design.


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  1. Sorry, maybe I don´t saw it, but how can I add menus items and submenus? Thanks in advance

  2. Hello Tyler, 
    How can I change the image when I turn on the right upper corner, I simply change the image myself or there is somewhere a field that allows me to give the path of another picture?

  3. I got interrupted a lot trying to watch this video but great information.  I had to watch to the end.

  4. Great vid, how do you add Revolution Slider (as seen on the home page) to other pages?

  5. how tp change favicon ?
    how to add mini logo on topmenu (STAY-ON-TOP) ?
    thank you…

  6. How do you remove the Udesign Logo. I had my original logo. Some how, during updates I removed it.

  7. Blog Post showing only in mobile devise, It’s not showing in PC browser. Can you please tell me How I solve this issue.

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