TUTORIAL: Contact Form 7 ReCAPTCHA | WordPress

TUTORIAL: Contact Form 7 ReCAPTCHA | WordPress

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Learn how to add reCAPTCHA to your contact form 7 forms inside of WordPress in this quick beginners tutorial.

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26 Replies to “TUTORIAL: Contact Form 7 ReCAPTCHA | WordPress”

  1. Cool Chris !!! Than you !!!
    One thing that i can’t understand ,what is Client side integration and Server side integration on google reCAPTCHA site .

  2. Hi I’m having the following issue; when you hit “send” the form doesn’t clear and the message “your message was sent successfully” does not appear at all, even though I get the emails. When I remove the Better WordPress reCAPTCHA from the contact form it works fine. Any solutions as I get quite a bit of spam as it is? Thanks.

  3. Ha, great stuff, but to be honest there is always a simplier way to beat
    those captchas.
    Here some guys desribe how “I’m not a robot” captcha works, then reverse
    engineer it and offer to solve all the captchas for you https://2captcha.com/2captcha-api I don’t have too many captchas in my line of work, but definetely interesting read.

  4. hello, I added the API key but the captcha shows a owner error, “non valid key” it is the key i get on google, help!!

  5. Great video, thank you!
    How exactly do you fix that SMTP / E-mail thingy? Do you have a link to the video? 🙂

  6. Thank you. It worked perfectly. Your tutorial was clear and succinct. 🙂

  7. “reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that protect websites from spam and abuse.”

    Or in other words:

    “Dear Visitor, You Are Guilty (Robot) Until Proven Innocent (Human)”.

    Here’s the KEY, but you need to open the locked door from inside…. and that gets tricky…..

    Google re-captcha is more like re-gotcha! It holds you captive (captcha =
    captive) and it brute forces you to select cars, street signs etc.
    before you are let inside and depending on individual site’s settings it
    can take up to 5 minutes to complete, by an average unsuspecting
    non-techie user, especially the grandparents. Plus do you know what “I’m
    Not A Robot” really stands for? It makes you feel inferior to robots so
    to speak. It’s rather a joke you may think, but has truth in it. We are
    coming to an age of robots and we are being replaced by robots since
    1970s. A truly hardworking site will not have re-gotcha annoyance on for
    you to be annoyed or be voting with your feet instead. That’s what I
    do, when I see re-gotcha! I run as fast as I can, cause a human can not
    be replaced by a corporate robot or any robot. My site has a simple
    numeric code oconsisting of just 5 numbers and they are well readable.
    if I get a “filthy robot” problem I deal with it by hand and not by
    re-gotcha from a lazy butt site owner. Adios robots!

  8. Thanks for your help; I was able to easily follow your advice to include recaptcha on my website.

  9. Thanks Chris, this was simple to follow and exactly what I was looking for especially easy as I already had Contact Form 7 on the site.

  10. Thank you for this video! The one thing you provided that I could not see instructions for anywhere was where to add the recaptcha shortcode in the form. YOu saved me from tearing my hair out.

  11. Let me just say you saved people a lot of time and headaches!!! People spend so much time after installing contact form 7 but after trying numerous Googles Recaptcha plugins to work with it most of them fail. This video saves the day and you really did a great job explaining how to set it up correctly. There are so many plugins that want to charge for the contact recaptcha separately and will only provide it for comments, logins etc. I really hope people see this video before they start pulling out their hair !!!

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