TESSERACT 2 Finally Here!

TESSERACT 2 Finally Here!

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Tesseract 2 theme update is finally here! Woocommerce, full width, blog, content blocks and more!


11 Replies to “TESSERACT 2 Finally Here!”

  1. Hi Tyler i am a big fan of yours. I am about to create a website. Where can i download Tesseract 2 theme.

  2. I am using your original version of Tesseract and I really like it. I need to upgrade my WordPress to version 4.7.2 from version 4.2.1. Is the original Tesseract compatible with the latest version of WordPress? Thanks for a great theme.

  3. Tyler, I love your videos. Where can I download the tesseract2 theme? I can’t find it on your website. Thank you!

  4. Looks like you changed your site, where can I download the theme from now? Thanks…

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