Siteground Review For WordPress Hosting + Full Tutorial 2017 NEW!

Siteground Review For WordPress Hosting + Full Tutorial 2017 NEW!

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Are you looking for fast web hosting that is reliable? In this video i will be review siteground hosting and all their plans they have available. If you need web hosting for wordpress or any other website in general i would take a look at this siteground review to see if they are right for you and your website

I test out many factors when i research web hosting

SPEED – Siteground’s speed was incredibly fast among other hosting compaines

RELIABILITY – I had a 100% uptime in September

SUPPORT – you can call them or get help 24 hours a day, cant beat that

Here i compare siteground against 7 other competitors, did siteground come out on top ?

Thanks for watching this video on sitegrounds hosting! For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at

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14 Replies to “Siteground Review For WordPress Hosting + Full Tutorial 2017 NEW!”

  1. Thanks for watching. Let me know your experiences with siteground or just any hosting in general

  2. Hey Darrel, nice video, I was looking for a better hosting company so I will definitely go for Siteground.
    Just have some queries:

    1. Is it necessary to add ” Domain Privacy ” and ” SG Site Scanner ” when purchasing the hosting? ( Just want to know if I will not have big issues if I don’t add them )

    2. With the GrowBig Plan, can I host like 8 simple websites and 2 E-commerce websites without loosing speed on my websites?


  3. yes, Hostgator is slow. 
    I have a domain from Hostgator. How I can change to Siteground? but I need my domain.
    Thank you

  4. Darrel,

    I have been a fan of yours for a while…no bs….you have helped with some of my design ideas.

    Just wanted to let you know that I recently started an SEO company and was wondering if you need any help with you company or with sites you build for other people.

    Contact me at

    Or call




  5. thank you darel i have a question how i can buy bulk sms online and connect to woocommerce store thanks i hope u will help me

  6. Hi Darrel, thank you for the nice videos. I want to ask does siteground offer migration from another hosting provider with simple clicks, i don’t want the site to go down or miss anything by mistake……. Thank you!

  7. Thank you very much Darrel, Just one question, do they provide enough space for your website? I am currently with Godaddy, the only problem with them is the speed and I want to increase the speed of my website, already have an SSL certiface and have enough space, If I transfer to siteground can i keep the same amount of space I had sset up with Godaddy and keep my SSL certificate that I had with Godaddy? The other question is about plugins, I have 12 plugins now and I have to remove some of the plugins because I just wanted them to install privacy policy or SSL certificate and not sure if I remove the plugins that can break the website, and what is the best way to remove plugins you do not need. Just wanted to know how Siteground performs in terms of number of plugins?

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