Photoshop To HTML To WordPress Tutorial 2 – Slicing With Photoshop

Photoshop To HTML To WordPress Tutorial 2 – Slicing With Photoshop

This indepth course will take you through the basics of how to develop your photoshop website design into something that can function as a valid and -standards-based- website.

This video talks about how to slice images in Photoshop that will ultimately be stitched together using HTML.

Link to project source files is here:


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  1. @pathcomps well that’s how you get good at coding. It gets REALLY boring, but you just have to push through. I could have been quicker though, sorry.

  2. What the fuck are you on! You drawl, your not attentive. You drop the fucking mic and just carry on! Stop wanking and get your fucking self together you useless tosser.

    Apart from that I just don’t know

  3. you need to use some sort of video editing software and cut out the irrelevant parts, the mistakes, and the constant resizing of the screen.

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  5. do you actually watch your own videos to see if you’d understand what you’re saying if others were to watch it? please do that. what you’re doing is good, but your presentation sucks

  6. I like your idea, but your videos don’t reflect your idea. I hope to see a better videos from you. Good luck on your next video.

  7. thnks so much for this tuts!! i learn a lot from u! im in love with webdesign now. by the way u can improve ur video tuts by giving ur audio a bit of treatment. it can delete those noise and this will be do better for yur vids. just an advice anyway thnks a lot Daniel!!

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  9. Listening to you is the worse form of torture! Can’t you speed things up?!

  10. this is incredibly painful – try rehearsing the video prior to making it and watch your mouse. No need to move it until you are ready to act.

  11. I literally clicked through your video in five spots, which summed up to about 15 seconds and was able to understand what you were trying to convey. You could really shorten these down a lot if you cut out the parts with you fumbling around. This is extremely painful to watch. I am not trying to be rude, I am just being honest.

  12. Just if you have tools, it doesn’t mean u know how to use it. You maybe know how to use HTML and Graphic tools, but certanly you-re skills of teaching are very poor. So take soma books and see what makes a good teacher. Tnx for effort!

  13. You maybe have something nice and usefull to say. but if U dont know how to teach,  its all useless.

  14. Holy crap this guy is so confusing. If you don’t know how to teach, DONT. Cause everything in this video is freaking confusing!!!

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