New Projects For 2018

Welcoming 2018 With A Bang!

application developmentThe new year should prove to be productive for our staff here. We have a handful of new projects that we are excited to launch and a batch of new clients we are excited to take on. For starters, we will be unveiling some new software that our clients will be offered. Most of our SAS solutions have been sold to other developers that also build websites. What we wanted to do in 2018 was bring the consumer (our clients) an arsenal of software tools to help them better market their websites online and give their customers various tools to help them better manage those relationships. Things like WordPress integrated client portals and backend software solutions for their clients to log in and book appointments or ask questions was something that was requested. So we came up universal solutions that all of our clients could use, something that could easily be installed as a WordPress plugin then activated and managed by the client. We will be offering management services to install and configure the plugins but to start in 2018 we will be launching them. One of our new client projects will be for a Chiropractic clinic similar to this site where patients can log in and manage their profile including results as their back pain improves over the course of the months after treatment. Patients will be able to log in and use a rating system to express their pain levels so that the corresponding provider can better gauge the effectiveness of the chiropractic care being performed on the patient. There is also a towing company that will have a site similar to this Calgary towing company that will have a mobile app developed for stranded users to log in and sees how close a tow truck is for dispatch. This will be especially convenient during the cold winter months when Calgary turns into a frozen tundra. 2018 is sure to ring in some exciting new projects and app development. We will keep you posted as we make progress and develop these new products. Software and automation is only becoming more of a necessity as our lives and devices demand it. Stay tuned as we update this blog more regularly in 2018.

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