Web Design For New Jersey Movers

Web Design For New Jersey Movers

Proud To Be Canadian Designing Websites For New Jersey Moving Companies


It’s not often we get inquiries from outside Canada for web design services. The U.S. has plenty of web developers and designers that are more than capable to get the job done. So why did they reach out to us in Canada? Well, it appears they had a business associate along the Canadian U.S. border that had used our services before. This was a great referral, we do our best to provide better than excellent customer service to our clients for this reason alone. Design work these days isn’t as hard as it once was. With so many plug and play apps that allow you to build sites with drag and drop functionality like WIX.com (yes I know they are a Canadian company).

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So when a local New Jersey moving company reached out for a custom design, we didn’t hesitate to deliver one of our best design concepts. We were familiar enough with the area of New Jersey that they serviced that we were able to create a custom look and feel that surprised even the locals. In addition to our design, we made it mobile responsive and also added a local GPS app that allowed the local residence to monitor the moving truck before it arrived to the home and after it departed to deliver the customers belongings either to a storage unit or the customers new home. This feature was made into an app and also embedded into the website. If you are unfamiliar with how moving companies bill, it’s common to bill for travel time, load and unload time. This app/widget also allowed the business to monitor the moving trucks and make sure the movers weren’t making any unnecessary stops along the way.

This was one of those projects that started out as web design and moved into app development and custom programming. Moving services in the U.S. are becoming more and more efficient and affordable. To make a long distance move from New Jersey to Canada once would have cost you an arm and a leg, however now with efficient travel guides, GPS systems, two way moving options, and online communications, businesses more than ever are providing affordable moving services and we would be pleased to design web sites for all of them.

If you own or know of moving companies NJ that would like us to design a website for you then contact us using the contact page listed in the menu.