Layer Slider Basic Tutorial : Enfold Theme For WordPress

Layer Slider Basic Tutorial : Enfold Theme For WordPress

Layerslider premium WordPress slider basic tutorial shown on Enfold Theme by Kriesi


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  1. I like enfold theme for it’s great feature.  
    If you want to make a Layer Slider in short time, you can order here from $5.

  2. It’s not tutorial just a guy clicking on layerslider WP, for instance clicking on 2D/3D animation “if you dont want it you dont have to…”  and a lot of “heuu” ,”huhhh”.
    Unprepared tutorial, useless comment, useless tutorial.

  3. Hi Nick, I have created a simple slider with Layer Slider on our Home page of our website but it does not show properly in bigger screens! I could not find any solution for that! I appreciated if you could help me? Thank you. Our url is

  4. Need help where to adjust the actual Layer Animation though. Not the Transition from slide to slide.
    ie – does my text fly in from the right or the left, or do 2 images come in from the opposite sides to meet in the middle of the slide ……
    seems there are so many examples of lots of entry locations and styles – but where do we do this …?
    Thanks in advance

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