Install WordPress On Your Mac With MAMP Free

Install WordPress On Your Mac With MAMP Free

I have a new video on how to install WordPress on your mac. It’s now even easier to install WordPress locally. Check out the new video:

This WordPress MAMP tutorial will walk you thru how to install WordPress on your Mac so that you can develop your WordPress website locally.

Get MAMP and install WordPress on your Mac at:

Read the Step by Step instruction at:

Install WordPress on Windows:

Move Your WordPress Website:
This is an older tutorial it still applies, but there have been some major improvements to the tool that I recommend.

Learn how to build a website step by step:

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30 Replies to “Install WordPress On Your Mac With MAMP Free”

  1. I installed wordpress on my mac and everything is done but, it’s not showing my blog. I have been running a blog for 6 months and it’s nowhere to be seen.

  2. what do I do differently if I already have a website at wordpress? I can’t find a clear enough tutorial

  3. If I already have my site files created and downloaded from production sesrver to a folder, where do I place them AFTER I configure MAMP and installed WordPress so that I can view my site? Thanks

  4. How do I import my production web pages to WordPress so I can view them in the Admin panel?

  5. Excellent tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Quick question for you…

    Let’s say I’m developing a few different sites for different clients of mine and I want to do so using MAMP locally… would I be able to create multiple different “demo/test” sites using MAMP? If so, do I just follow the same tutorial instructions and create a new database, install wordpress the same way, etc?

    How would I access each site using MAMP after they’re all setup? JUst use localhost:8888/newdatabasename?

  6. Great tutorial! Thanks. I encountered problem though at the stage of local:8888. It didn’t take me to Index of, instead it took me to Mamp Pro: The virtual host was set up successfully. Tried to type in localhost:8888/thedatabasename but it says The requested URL /thedatabasename was not found on this server. Could you please help me? Thanks!

  7. Hi there, I followed your instructions to run a WordPress website on my localhost. There was no problem in the past days but since yesterday, I can’t open my WordPress site anymore because ‘the network-connection has unexpected stopped’. The Apache and MySQL servers are still running and I have no clue why I cannot reach my (test) website anymore.. Do you know what I need to do cause I can’t find it on the internet…

  8. This really is amazing, but how can I access it again once I’ve set it all up and closed it down? I don’t seem to have anything left on my mac like an application button or anything and when i start the process again it doesn’t connect? Please help!

  9. excellent tutorial. straight to the point. watched tons of videos on how to do this. and this was by far the best one.

  10. Shouldn’t we be creating a new MySQL user (other than root) and use that for WordPress? That would be much safer right?

  11. omg thank you so much. Its such bs that we have to do this. Think about how many potential customers are turned off? Major fuck up by WordPress.

  12. Very good explanation and easy to understand steps 🙂 And it’s so nice that you’ve done a little to make recordings of your voice easy to hear – Great work, dude!

  13. Can you help me please, its not letting my go onto my phpmyadmin because it says i need php7 how do i go about doing that?

  14. So, my domain name will always have that localhost:888 before my site name?

  15. This helped so much! I finally got it! Now I have a question, I have a blog and so how do i transfer that to the local hosted wordpress site? Does that make sense? Thank you so much 🙂

  16. Hi GReat Video ! but i am stuck at 3:28. I am new to this. How do i know my database username and password. I put a new one and it says username and password incorrect. Please help.

  17. You have just saved me an enormous amount of stress and frustration. Three years down the line as well! Thanks 😀

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