How To Select Best Keyword For SEO Campaign For Free

How To Select Best Keyword For SEO Campaign For Free

If you are starting your business venture, it is natural that you should have a website to reach out to the public. But to make your website successful in the first place, you will need effective optimization. Search Engine Optimization helps your website to be ranked among the top search results. And this will translate to healthy traffic that you need the most at this juncture.

It is also well-known that for effective optimization, you need to know keywords that different search engines will track for proper indexing. For long, it has been believed that a website should be merely stuffed with keywords and tags. But experts now say that keywords need to be placed strategically within the context of the website. So, finding the right keywords is of utmost importance.

 Here are some tools that will help you with free keyword research for your business website.

    Google Keyword Planner Tool

 The Keyword Planner Tool is one that allows you to pick out and select keywords to fit your business category.

All you need to do is to enter your company name and specify the type of product and service you offer. Google Keyword Planner Tool will produce three types of keyword matches for you. Affordable SEO Services

The first is a Broad Match, which refers to a broad segment of services or products. If you have a business offering plumbing repairs in New York City, the Broad Match for your website will be ‘plumbing repairs in New York’.

The second is a Phrase Match. This refers to a unique search phrase that one would enter when searching for plumbing repairs in New York City. For you, it would be ”plumbing repairs for houses in New York City”.

Finally, you get a third type of match called the Exact Match. This is exactly the search query that would lead to your website.

  1. SEMrush

 For more advanced and adroit free keyword research, you can use SEMrush. You can find out which keywords and search queries are trending on both Google and Bing to have a better idea of what will work best for you.

The Full Search Report feature also helps you to find out alternative queries that will help you target your website for more effective marketing on both engines. You can get a whole list of the 100 most popular keywords on each engine and also their synonyms and alternative options.

Long-tail keywords are used if someone wants to face less competition in getting ranked on search engines. SEMrush also recommends you long-tail queries and even assists you in formatting them for local databases for more reach.

If you wish to go a bit deeper and analyze what your competitors are up to, SEMrush allows you to probe further into their website pages and even the keywords that they are using for different engines and databases.

  1. SEO Chat

 For a more scientific and incisive approach to finding keywords, you will need SEO Chat. This is a whole assortment of SEO and web development tools for every entrepreneur to use when building and marketing a website. But its resources for keywords and tags deserve some special mention.

There is the Keyword Density Analysis that allows you to have an idea of just how many keywords do you need to have in the content of your website pages. It also gives you options and alternatives for keyword placement.

The Keyword Combination Tool is another feature that helps you with suggestions of different combinations of keywords and search queries. You can choose a combination of short-tail and long-tail phrases that will work on different platforms and engines.

The Suggestion Keyword Finder also lists down suggestions for the most likely keywords for your website.


 Finally, for online marketing with keywords, you can also use WordStream. Like SEO Chat, this is also a whole ensemble of tools and software products for digital marketing. The Free Tools have a lot to offer for free keyword research.B2B Database Providers

With the Free Keyword Tool, you can find out the latest keywords and search queries on different engines and platforms. You can also specify what keyword you want for your website. And you can also search if it will be valid for your industry or for the target region as well.