How To Make A WordPress Website With GoDaddy Tutorial 2016

How To Make A WordPress Website With GoDaddy Tutorial 2016

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If you have a godaddy domain or you want to register a domain with godaddy, watch this video tutorial and I’ll show you how to build a website using godaddy.

Text tutorial at:


HOSTGATOR: (affiliate link)

Video on how to set up email: (updated version coming soon!)

Google analytics tutorial:

If you like this free version (which we use in this tutorial), you might love the premium Sydney theme:
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7:42 – Step 1-A: Get Domain with Godaddy

10:25 – Step 1-B: Get Hosting with Hostgator

13:16 – Step 2-A: Go to Email Inbox

13:31: Connect Godaddy and Hostgator

14.41 – Step 3: Log Into Cpanel

15:11 – Step 4: Install WordPress

16:52 – Step 5: Log Into WordPress Website

17:41 – Step 6: Download and Install Theme

18:36 – Step 7: Install Suggested Plugins

19:20 – Step 8: Download Plugins

23:16 – Step 9: Download and unzip all of the demo content

23:59 – Step 10: Import Theme Settings

25:05 – Step 11: Download and Install Lightbox Colorbox Plugin

25:45 – Step 12: Upload demo content

27:26 – Step 13: Create Homepage and Blog Page

29:55 – Step 14: Change Slider Images

35:12 – Step 15: Change Theme Option Settings

39:20 – Step 16: Create Logo and Favicon

44:31 – Step 17: Create About Section

54:36 – Step 18: Create Call to Action

1:04:34 – Step 19: Create Blog Post Section

1:06:11 – Step 20: Create Another Call to Action

1:09:17 – Step 21: Create Social Media Widget Section

1:14:42 – Step 22: Create About Page

1:32:00 – Step 23: Create Employees Page

1:47:11 – Step 24: Create Portfolio Projects

1:55:35 – Step 25: Create Contact Us Page

2:05:19 – Step 26: Create Testimonials Page

2:23:41 – Step 27: Create Blog Posts

2:27:10 – Step 28: Select Comments Options

2:29:15 – Step 29: Customize Widgets Section

2:33:48 – Step 30: Make Header Menu

2:35:31 – Step 31: Modify Footer

2:37:25 – Step 32: Add Custom CSS

2:38:41 – Step 33: Modify Permalinks

This video teaches you how to make a wordpress website using godaddy and lets you customize it so you can build it any way you want 🙂

Hey everyone!

This tutorial is going to walk you through how to make a website using wordpress and godaddy.

Fyi: I receive a small referral commission if you sign up with Hostgator. This just allows me to continue to run my site and provide videos like this for you. So thanks in advance! 🙂

(Tl;dr) If you need help on how to make a wordpress website with godaddy, this NYC Tech Club tutorial walks you through building a website in 33 steps.

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This video will show you how to build a website using godaddy.

What you’ll need: A godaddy domain and hosting with hostgator (I walk you through these steps) to complete this tutorial for your new customized website. If you have any questions just follow the video.


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  1. On the part where you are clicking on “begin installing plugins” I don’t see that on mine. My theme is a different one. could that be why? Thank you!

  2. I like how you have put this together, however, I use a pc and when I download the zip file I do not see the Sydney-Settings file

  3. I was doing this and my e-mail accounts with google apps got all messed up. I don’t know what to do now!

  4. hello sir,how to make a social networkig website with login page etc.can you provide a video for us?

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  6. can we do same for making an online store? registering a domain name at go daddy and hosting it at hostgator?

  7. Great info, thx
    Dumb question. I’m trying to add pics to the home page slider and they don’t look right. The Mobile pics look good but not if viewed on a laptop. Suggestions ? Thanks

  8. Why is this called a GoDaddy wordpress tutorial if your just going to use Host Gator?

  9. Hi, I’m using an image in the logo section of the header. I would like to make the logo wider if possible. When I try to edit the css it won’t open the style sheet. I just get to a sheet that has info about the author and license. Is this function blocked?

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