How To Make A WordPress Website – 2016

How To Make A WordPress Website – 2016

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Learn how to create a WordPress website step by step with no step skipped. Be amazed at what you can do, I will be here to guide you on creating your website at each step.

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00:00:00 – Introduction
00:12:03 – Domain Name & Hosting
00:23:59 – Install WordPress
00:30:05 – Login To WordPress
00:33:33 – Change Your Password
00:34:45 – Update WordPress
00:35:49 – Delete Plugins
00:37:05 – Theme Overview & Installation
00:41:58 – Delete Pages
00:43:19 – Add Pages
00:56:04 – Rearrange Menu
00:59:50 – Site Title & Tagline
01:03:14 – Create a Logo
01:10:47 – Edit Header
01:15:18 – Edit Footer
01:18:24 – Change Background
01:19:28 – Understanding Plugins
01:22:16 – Install Beaver Builder
01:25:00 – Create Home Page
01:52:46 – Create About Page
02:18:13 – Create Services Page
02:35:11 – Create Contact Page
02:46:19 – Make Mobile Friendly
03:00:53 – Social Media Icons
03:07:20 – FavIcon
03:11:37 – Summary
03:15:17 – Congratulations


7 Replies to “How To Make A WordPress Website – 2016”

  1. You are awesome Tyler! Redoing your 3 hr session in 2017 to start my new biz. I appreciate your enthusiasm and motivation to help.

  2. Can someone suggest a plug in the will allow me to use a background video that plays on hover? I want my home page to have an animated background that comes alive when your mouse is overtop of it.
    Please help 🙂

  3. Hi Tyler, I have made my own web site thanks to you and your incredible video.
    Maybe a stupid question but do you do web site design? There are some things I want added to my site which I don’t know how to do.

  4. I didn’t get the same text editor as you have can’ say font family or font size did u use a plugin for text editing

  5. Hi .. I need to create a bigger space between the end of my logo and the start of the menu options, “home” … how do I do this ?

  6. Hi Tyler great videos keep up the great work. Can you do a video on adding a login and password to get access to certain pages. I can’t find any good videos from anybody. Thanks

  7. Hi Tyler … Please let me know how I can add “subscribe to receive a newsletter” option.
    Many thanks

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