How To Make A Website For Free On 2016 Restaurant Example

How To Make A Website For Free On 2016 Restaurant Example

Want to know how to make a website for free on Well then check out this free video tutorial. I walk you thru step by step exactly how to make a great one page business website for free on

Items talked about in this video.

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17 Replies to “How To Make A Website For Free On 2016 Restaurant Example”

  1. Okay, are they paid plugins? And can you make a video on that please? It will really by helpful. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Hey, I want to sell video tutorials online. There would be a single video that would be sold or a bundle of video. Like you can buy a access to view (not download) a single chapter for $1 or you can buy a bundle of entire subject, 10 chapters for $7.5. Along with video access, I would also provide subscribers, downloadable pdf notes. I want parallax theme for my website. Please help, I want to get started ASAP.

  3. Is the “discover the themes awesome features” still the same? I started before I saw this video so I went back and started a test page. I never get an option to save and activate so Im not sure

  4. Hiya Maestro 😉
    I keep seeing you show this process of how you show each site you create in differing output sizes,(IE Computer to Tablet to Mobile).
    What software / plugin is it you use to be able to checkout how it looks, as your building your sites. ? ? ?

  5. I am building a website using same template and I was wondering how to make a cascade menu?

  6. Hi Tim…I just wanted to thank you for your amazing video!!! It was so helpful. I was able to finally create my wordpress blog. I think I need to tweak it more. Under the ‘Welcome’ and ‘Blog’ section it has the same title…I don’t want to create another blog and it has the same title…does that make sense?

  7. Under personalize I just see themes I don’t see menus. How do I get menus back for me to see? Someone please help..thanks

  8. Hi! Im wanting to set up more than one posts page, is this possible? e.g. I want a page for reviews, a page for news, a page for interviews?

  9. i can’t get the featured image display in the background.i can only do it in home page.i dont know what i am doing wrong.can someone help?

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