How To Install WordPress On Your Local Computer – WordPress Tutorial 2

How To Install WordPress On Your Local Computer – WordPress Tutorial 2

In this video, I download and install WordPress on to my local computer, using MAMP as my localhost.

I’ll cover the following:
1. Where to download WordPress.
2. Where you can learn about MAMP.
3. Where to place your WordPress files.
4. How to create a database in PHPmyAdmin.
5. Run through the famous 5 minute WordPress installation.
6. How to log into WordPress

Watch my video on how to download MAMP for windows here:

Something wrong? Try reading the WordPress documentation here:

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24 Replies to “How To Install WordPress On Your Local Computer – WordPress Tutorial 2”

  1. If u guys got and error with your database connection you should try this one.

    Database Name: wp_demo
    Username: root
    Password: root
    Database Host: localhost8889
    Table Prefix: wp_

  2. This is really becoming frustrating. I tried every comment with solving instructions and still have “error establishing database connection”.

  3. Thank you so much for this video! Watching yours along with one other video I was able to download and install WordPress! 🙂

  4. if it didnt work for you just reinstall but without pro couse pro changes your host this worked for me

  5. so I’ve been working on a site for about a week and now I lost the page and can’t log back into WordPress. to customize and change things just shows me the website via mamp….can see all of my info on localhost but WordPress is telling me my password is wrong even after I keep making a new one.. what am I doing wrong?? please help

  6. Please check the comments below for a list of common issues mentioned by other viewers.

    When putting your details in please try locahost and the port number. For example “localhost:8889” or whatever your SQL port is set to.

    You can get this port from MAMP -> Preferences -> Ports

  7. if i want to make a new website with different database how can i do it?

  8. I cant install my wordpress after creating my database file it show error each time..what can I do?

  9. This was the most helpful video I have EVER watched on how to switch to I have gotten quotes from several people for hundreds of dollars to do just this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

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