How To Implement AMP Pages On WordPress Blog – Complete Tutorial

How To Implement AMP Pages On WordPress Blog – Complete Tutorial

AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) is getting important day by day & in this Video tutorial, you will learn how to setup AMP for your WordPress blog.

Recommended plugins:


You will also learn:

1) How to setup AdSense on AMP pages
2) How to Add Google Analytics to AMP Pages

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SEO Benefits of AMP:

AMP Testing Tool By Google:

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30 Replies to “How To Implement AMP Pages On WordPress Blog – Complete Tutorial”

  1. Thank you Harsh … I am a big fan of your
    Now i am going to add the AMP to my site.

    Harsh I have doubt, both you and me using Genesis Framework, But can you please make video on to make our own custom child theme for Genesis FrameWork or Guide me to get any Resources….Sorry for Bad English.-Thank You.

  2. What about duplicate content ? Does it incorporate canonical metatag automatically or how does it happen

  3. Thanks for the tutorial Harsh! I use the shortcodes ultimate plugin on my site and those shortcodes aren’t transalating into an AMP page, is there a work around for this? I am facing the same issues with Instagram embeds.

  4. Hey Harsh,
    What should i do if i’m using yoast? Should i use AMP for WP or yoast glue? i see you have yoast plugin as well and you still using the AMP for WP. Does it effect the seo if you’re’ not using the yoast one. Thanks for the tutorial !!!

  5. i’m using this plugin but my webmaster have a some error-
    Google systems have detected that some of your AMP pages do not meet our guidelines and will therefore not show in Google Search AMP-related features. The following report provides examples of pages with errors:

    Please help me

  6. Nice video, please can you do a video on how to unblock my url on facebook; Facebook blocked my url such that nothing about that url can be shared on Facebook platform. Any help please?

  7. Hey! Harsh, you have shared great information in this video. I was looking for this information but i haven’t got it anywhere. Today i got it through push up notification from you. Thanks a lot! Now i can install this in my blog. 🙂

  8. Thank you very much. I have done every thing you did and very thing works but my question is, when you ware testing you added /amp/ does that mean when I want to share my links on the social media I have to add /amp/ at the end of every link or it automatically converts it

  9. Update:
    Nevermind, the core plugin is required.

    Hello Harsh,

    In order to get the layout similar to your page, is it mandatory to use both the plugins? Or just using the Ahmed Kaludi one will do?


  10. Hi,

    Can i convert my whole WordPress site pages to AMP website or this for only blog post.

  11. Just to clarify, once it’s enabled, does all future mobile traffic to the website get directed to the AMP ver?

  12. Hi, I tried this but it’s not working. Will google index all my posts as AMP page or should users type amp manually.?? thanks

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