How To Create A WordPress Website With The Enfold Theme

How To Create A WordPress Website With The Enfold Theme

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In this video I show you step by step how to create this website with the most popular theme of 2015! The Enfold theme. Enjoy!

Enfold theme:

Permalink code:

Quick CSS:
div .logo { top: 5px; }
.responsive .logo img { margin: 5px auto; }


19 Replies to “How To Create A WordPress Website With The Enfold Theme”

  1. Thank you , I don’t know why I am enjoying this maybe because it has to do with the way you explain things

  2. I can’t believe you spent 3+ hours putting this video together, but I sure am thankful you did! It took me 3 days to get through it, but I now have an almost complete website that looks amazing!!! Thank you so much! If I’m ever in the Netherlands and need a photographer you’re the first person I’ll call.

  3. Hey Ferdy even een vraagje,
    Mijn website krijgt niet dat glasachtige effect op de homepage, ik gebruik een video ipv een slider.
    Wat kan hier het probleem zijn? de video?

  4. Thank you very much for this video- I just created my new website based on your presentation. The only problem I have is with the logo- it vanish once I choose transparent header:-( Any idea why it happends? I can see my logo on header without transparency but once I change it into transparent the logo is shown as little square.

  5. First off, Wow! Thank You! You spent a lot of time and went into tremendous detail.You are a generous soul and greatly appreciated. I have never built a site before and would have either been completely lost or built an ugly site. But I do have one question. On your blog page how do you get all of your pictures to appear uniform in size? I have been trying for two days with no success.

  6. First of all; What a pleasure to watch your demo. Nice voice, nice tempo, very, very nice!
    Ferdy, I have a problem with the contact form. I have downloaded the Contact Form 7 plug in, copied the link and want to paste it into my contact page. But, I can´t copy anything in my pages. When I press TEXT or VISUL nothings happens. It is like the pages are not active. Can you help?
    Kind regards Jimmy

  7. Hoi Ferdy, Fantastische uitleg! Heel duidelijk en erg fijn dat je steeds laat zien wat de veranderingen zijn. Eindelijk een goede uitleg die ik begrijp 🙂 Ik krijg alleen een foutmelding met google Maps, hij geeft aan:
    Oeps! Er is iets misgegaan.Google Maps is niet correct geladen op deze pagina. Zie de JavaScript-console voor technische details.

    Volgens mij heeft dat iets met de API key te maken en ik ben daar mee bezig maar ik heb geen idee hoe ik dit moet aanpassen. Heb jij hier ervaring mee?

    Dank je wel voor je tijd.

  8. Hi there
    Do you know how to remove the title page and the white space from every page in word press I have being trying to do that for a very long time. Help please

  9. Solid video and tutorial. I purchased themeforest enfold theme. After the Initial virus scan my results showed a TrojanDownloader.JS.avhq inside of zipfile. Would you know why malware is detected inside of WP themes from legitimate sources? Is this common and does this present a risk?

  10. Hello Ferdy Korpershoek, sorry how can I start a new project on wordpress?

  11. Hello Ferdy! Great video! Following you step by step, and unfortunately the Google Analytics option on the Enfold Theme Options is not visible on my back end. The options I have on this page from top to bottom are: Front page settings, And where do you want to display the Blog?, Logo, Favicon, Page Pre-loading, Lightbox Modal Window, Lock advanced layout builder, and Automated HTML Markup. How can I get that to show up so that I can include the website tracking code? Thank you so much!

  12. Hi Ferdi – this is a great video explaining very usefull the use of Enfold. A very nice theme
    I mean that I have seen a video, where you explain how to use WooCommerce in Enfold. I can’t find it again. Can you help me?

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