How To Create A Header Slideshow In WordPress

How To Create A Header Slideshow In WordPress

My first WordPress tutorial about a slider in your WordPress header. Please subscribe & like, more tutorials are on their way! I’m sorry for my bad English.

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Code to activate ContentSlide:

Visit and have a look at step 5. That code is the code you should use to activate the slider.


18 Replies to “How To Create A Header Slideshow In WordPress”

  1. Great toturial but, when you remove from ” from from the code, you are deleting the name and the description of the page… Please, Could you  specify what part of the code that affects only the content slide? Thanks!

  2. I use WordPress theme Twenty Twelve. I got the slideshow to show up, but its showing in the top lefthand corner, rather than over the header image area. and the header image is still there. confused, what do I do?

  3. Good video – short and concise. And your English is pretty damn good. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Good job man!  Your English is fine and its better to use broken English than no narration at all…so you did good!

  5. thank you , just please trie to go slowly , and your English is not bad at all

  6. It was really good, and your English is fine. No problem.
    From a teaching point of view, I suggest just slowing down a little bit and take your time.

  7. Do you have or know where I can get video instructions for the theme Adventurous pro thanks

  8. What about underneath your header? I would like to add a youtube gallery underneath my header 🙂

  9. Your English is better that some of the English folk here in England! You might have to slow down on the areas that involve replacing code and CSS, though!

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