How To Create A Custom Login Page For WordPress

How To Create A Custom Login Page For WordPress

Creating a custom login page for your site can be helpful for improving your customer’s experience. It allows users to log in from a custom page rather than the default WordPress login page.
In this video we will show you how to create a custom login page for WordPress without writing any code.

Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this tutorial:

For your first method you can use the Theme My Login plugin:

Once activated the plugin will use your theme’s styling for users to log in with.

The plugin will even allow you to create custom registration and profile pages, custom emails, and redirects if you go under the TML menu that was added in your admin area.

The plugin will even add a widget that you are able to use under Appearance, Widgets.

A second method you can use would be to use the WPForms plugin:

This is a paid plugin so it will require you to purchase a licence key to use these features.

Start by installing, activating, and adding your license key for the plugin for verification.

Once verified activate the User Registration addon under WPForms, Addons.

Create a new form under WPForms, Add New and there is a pre built user login form that will give you the fields pre built for you.

You can then edit how the login behaves in terms of a message, showing a page, or redirecting them to a url of your choice.

With the form created, add a page on your site where you would like the login to appear and add it to that page.


19 Replies to “How To Create A Custom Login Page For WordPress”

  1. It’s okay as far as it goes, but it would help to know what happens with the info from the login and what to do with it.

  2. The idea is good, but today Theme my Login isn’t update. When I used this plugin yesterday, it didn’t work

  3. Hello, Mam,
    Actually, i have created an e-commerce website and I want to create a particular page admin panel so that I can upload product simply and make my site running as well.Can you please help me out in this case.

  4. How great is the WPform plugin? May need to be used for a state government WordPress site and would like to know how secure and responsive it really is.

  5. Do you have to pay for the Pro version to get access to the User Registration add-on? It looks like Basic and Plus do not have that option available or am I mistaken?

  6. Great tutorial again … love your voice by the way … could listen to you for hours <3
    Thx 4 sharing your knowledge …

  7. Does the membership login allow people to reply with messages on your blog after they created an account? And is it different from having a WordPress user account?

  8. TML plugin
    This addon will force you to login in order to preview the site. Can this be disabled. I want my visitors to see the site and only register/login if they want to post an article. Thank you

  9. Hello Youtubers! Hello WPBeginners!

    I have a question for all of you out there as I’m totally confused.

    currently building my WordPress site and, I have a few users in my
    default WordPress “USERS” list that I added myself to test my
    Woocommerce login. But I also have a form builder plugin that creates
    its own “USERS” list. The problem is that my Woocommerce login only
    refers to the default USERS list when people try to login so, all new
    users created by the form builder are ignored and can’t login because
    they are in the plugin user list. I hope I’m not too confusing here …

    would like all of my new entries to go to the default WP USERS. Is that
    possible? or do I have to find a plugin that uses the default USERS

    Thank you so much!


  10. Thanks for the video! I do not however know ‘where’ the login possibility has gone after I have installed it? Cant see it on my page

  11. who is voiced in video its so smooth and gr8, i want to get record for my product promotion so pls let me know and send me detail and mail me thanx

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