How To Backup Or Clone Your WordPress Website Using Bluehost Cpanel

How To Backup Or Clone Your WordPress Website Using Bluehost Cpanel

This tutorial will show you how to manually backup or clone your wordpress website or blog. This is done by using Bluehost Cpanel – File Manager and PHPMyAdmin.

You need to copy, paste and then EDIT the following two lines in your wp_config.php file

define (‘WP_HOME’, ‘
define (‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘

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29 Replies to “How To Backup Or Clone Your WordPress Website Using Bluehost Cpanel”

  1. Make sure that you when you are cloning the site, you are installing to an add on domain, or a subdomain. If you try to install to a subdirectory the links will not work.
    Let me know if you find out the problem thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Ruth
    I didn’t notice any problems during the process.
    I will be transferring a client’s site to a new domain in the next week or so using this process, so I will post an update if I encounter any problems.

  3. Very helpful video. I’d recommend this to anyone creating a WP staging site on Bluehost.

  4. I recently tried this process on a very large website, I encountered a problem.
    I couldn’t compress (zip) the file, I got onto Bluehost Live Chat and they did it for me – problem sorted within 10 minutes. Remember you can ask your webhost for help if you need it!

  5. Thanks Michelle very useful. Saves me reinventing the wheel! 
    I also had a problem with 404 errors and it turned out the problem was Yoasts SEO plugin. So if anyone else has the same problem look to see if you have that activated! 

  6. Hi Michelle, thank you for your video its been really helpful, however I cannot seem to login to the cloned website I have tried to edit the username and password in the my sql database section but it didnt work. Is there anything else that you could suggest? Thanks 😀

  7. Dear Michelle,

    I really appreciate your step-by-step video, very clear and works perfectly for me, saving me a lot of time.

    I get a question here and hope you can share your advice:
    Following your approach, I “cloned” my first website “” to “”. Now when I modify a page on “”,  identical change is automatically made to “”. Is there any way that I can separte the two websites from each other… so I can make slight changes to “” for different purpose while keep “” unchanged?

    Sunyear Watson Wu
    Toronto, Canada

  8. Hi Michelle!

    If I just want a back-up of my site to protect me from losing info when I upgrade WordPress, do I just download the zip and the sql and save those? And if my site does crash, then I can upload those files for a full restore? Is that how it works? I don’t want to create a 2nd site, but just have the files on hand.



  9. Michelle, as regards Cedric and his rude comment, I love your voice. You might consider narrating books; children’s books in particular. You’re very easy to listen to.

    Thanks very much for this great tutorial. I tried about a dozen others, plugins and all, until I found yours – the ONE that works. I’m very grateful that you have taken the time to share your knowledge. I’m still learning, so I’ll subscribe and I’ll be back.

    Just a thought: On the problem with large websites, you might consider breaking it up into two or three zip files. As long as you install all of them on the new site, it shouldn’t make any difference; right?  Thanks again.

  10. How do I access my wordpress admin from my cpanel?

    For example if I forget my WP password or even what email it is linked to (and I cant use the ‘forgot password’ option) but I have the WP website installed in my cpanel.

    How would I reset administrator login details?

  11. hi michele, though the website has been clone i wanted to update some of my content, when i uploaded a new image in media library it simply shows up as a broken file with the thumbnail of corrupted file. do you know what could be the reason for that and how to get rid of that.


  12. Hi Michelle, I’ve purchased a new domain and am in the process of transferring my old site. Does your information still hold true for 2016?

  13. I was stuck to move wordpress website since days when i saw this video i transfer my web to my new domain with 15 mins
    Thanks for making this video to help us … great video by you…
    This is my very first comment in 6 years and get great help from you

  14. Great video!! I copied and pasted the shortcut you have listed above. There are 3 /// in the url. The clone wasn’t working until I changed it to 2 //. It works great!!!!!

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