HostGator Review For WordPress Hosting + Full Tutorial (2016)

HostGator Review For WordPress Hosting + Full Tutorial (2016)

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Thinking about signing up for HostGator as your WordPress Web Host? In this video, I’m going to provide an HONEST review by doing a live step-by-step where I:
1. Sign up for the best HostGator plan for the value
2. Install WordPress and start making a beautiful blog
3. Test performance and reliability, also discussing tech support

*If you have ANY questions or need help, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out*

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28 Replies to “HostGator Review For WordPress Hosting + Full Tutorial (2016)”

  1. I love this review! Im finishing my associates in web developing and looking for a great host to start some websites for a portfolio to show on my resume. thanks so much. with this host can you work with the code also?

  2. After i installed wordpress i cant open the admin area, it says the site cant be reached, server dns adress could not be found, any solution? Thanks

  3. thanks for this great tutorial. Would you recommend ‘wordpress cloud hosting’ on hostgator for better performance (especially speed)? I am still unsure whether to go with web hosting or wordpress hosting on hostgator.

  4. I have a quick question what is the difference from .org and a .com are they both self hosted?

  5. Hey, friend! I am very new to all of this and I had a quick question. So in the future I wish to create a website where I can sell my online courses and people can make accounts. Can wordpress do that for me? I don’t know much programming other than basic HTML and CSS. My second question is, if it can then which one should I choose. .COM vs .ORG? I understand that .COM has limited features but I don’t have to do the maintenance and security since wordpress will handle all of that. But if I go the .ORG way, will there be any possible way for my webhost to do all of the maintenance and security for me? I’m not very technical so that would be great. Thanks!

  6. Hey, thanks for the video. Quick question, how do I install it if I already have a wordpress acount I want to use? This seems to create a new one.

  7. Hi, I already had WordPress installed and bought hostgator to host my website and had the domain already purchased…how do I link the domain name to the WordPress website?

  8. Dear OdDi, could you help me to understand better whether it is possible and how to accomplish the following task. I plan to create a e-commerce site. However I would like to have development, testing, and production facility. Appreciate your help in advance.

  9. please i hope someone can answer this by tomorrow.

    3:33 at the top of the page you see: Web hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting. it seems that the one you selected is regular web hosting. i tried this myself but i selected the wordpress hosting. it is saying that the wordpress hosting is also cloud hosting, so this is much better, right? i’m actually very excited for this, i love the idea of making my own website and blog.

    the block i am having now is that i also checked out for wordpress hosting and it seems to have a TON of features. i’m not sure if hostgator has the same features or not because i know some companies leave out basic details and focus on important details while some companies list even basic details to make their plan seem better to inexperienced potential customers. i’m new to the hosting thing so i don’t really know. right now i am kind of 50/50 between hostgator and fatcow. the only thing that may be a deal breaker with fat cow is i’m pretty sure it’s not cloud hosting like with hostgator.

    does anyone with experience want to check the two out and give me some advice to help me decide which is best?

  10. thanks man solved my headache. wasn’t sure if I had to buy a domain before paying for hosting on hostgator or wat? great job

  11. Good info! Not so nervous about using wordpress now and def will go with HostGator instead of GoDaddy. Was on the fence but have had not so good experiences with GoDaddy in the past.

  12. I love the video, i did exactly the same steps but when i installed WordPress my domain didn’t work, it shows that the website cant be reached . I waited two days to be activated but it is not.

  13. hey ODi, I need your help. When I quick-install an account on WordPress, the website doesn’t get created. It shows that server’s DNS address could not be found. Please help me I can’t even get in the admin panel to log in. I’m talking about the part in 10:46 when I get those credentials, I click on the website and it does not even exist for some reason. I hope you understand what I mean and if you don’t please reply to this message so that I will further explain. Thanks

  14. Hostgator customer support is pathetic. They wrongly billed me and lied about not receiving payment.

  15. Thank you so much for a great video; however, I have one question: How do you ‘customize’ your favicon in I want to remove the hostgator icon.

  16. I already have a wordpress site in the making, How do I create another one so I can do this tutorial?

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