Divi Theme Tutorial: Divi Theme WooCommerce Tutorial

Divi Theme Tutorial: Divi Theme WooCommerce Tutorial

Divi Theme WooCommerce – Learn how to design an e-commerce website using Divi theme and WooCommerce.


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25 Replies to “Divi Theme Tutorial: Divi Theme WooCommerce Tutorial”

  1. Really useful video thanks.

    Any idea how we get rid of the right column on the individual product page and the cart page?

    I’ve been trying to sort that all day!!!

  2. When I click home it just goes to a page that says No Results Found. The page you requested coudl not be found. Try refining your search., or use ther navigation abote to locate the post.

    There’s isn’t a page called home. It just appreared automatically. If I make a page called Home that works then I have two Homes on the menu…

    edit: ok, I had to choose a static page for front page display…
    edit2: But now I have two “Homes” on the menu… I have only one Home page created but the other is automatic I guess. How to remove it? And neither of the Homes are even in my menu structure..
    edit3 lol: had to go to manage locations and choose the menu as main menu 😛

  3. WooCommerce premium plugin Simple Auction simply adds another product type for selling, but this appears to not be supported with the Divi Shop module. Any thoughts?

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial. I do have one question — why isn’t there a “continue shopping” button on the shopping cart or checkout — is there a way to add? (and I should say I am not very tech savy = ) Thanks again.

  5. Yes but how do you modify a “Product page”. That was the tricky one. How can you edit the title of products and center them instead of left aligned. How can we change the button to full dark colour for example inside the Product page. Any finds on this one anyone?

  6. Great video! I have bought Divi Theme. One quick question and I really hope you can help 🙁 I Have a lot of products in one of my Divi Shop Pages. But I want an option that lets you “click to next page” to see more products = so that you don’t see all products on the first page. So for instant: I have 12 products on one page using the Divi Theme. I want so that you see the first 9 and than have to “click to next page” to see the last 3.
    How can I do this with Divi?? Thank you very much in advance.

  7. When you created the shop customized with divi theme, woocommerce still keep his shop and cart how it was built. When you are in the cart if you click return shop it will return you to the default woocommerce shop. How do we change it so it redirect to the divi one?

  8. OK, theres a bit missing in this video – the product page ends up with a side bar – if you want to get rid of it go to DashboardProductsedit product nameDIVI product settingsPage layoutchoose full width

  9. …and ‘Main Page’ won’t appear unless you remove the previous shop from Menus in Appearance and Add the new one.

  10. Thanks for the video.One thing you failed to address is slider filters. I can’t seem to make them work.

  11. Good job!! Question: can you display a “widget or advertisement” on the cart page before the customer buys the product? I’m trying to get a customer to buy a membership, not just the one product they added to their shopping cart. Thanks!

  12. YAY! So simple I missed it the first time! Finally a custom divi woo commerce storefront without hassle!

  13. Hello, is it possible to integrate an Enquiry Cart with the shopping cart so customers can enquire about multiple variable produts at once?

  14. Hello nice clear video. But how do you just show the main categories on any page just like the standard WC layout. Just cant find away no youtube vids either

  15. Good afternoon, excuse my English, I translate with google.
    I wanted to know if it is possible to make a shop with Divi and WooCommerce services, without a photo on each product, only the products, their characteristics and their prices.
    And if a product can have different prices depending on what is added. Thank you

  16. It’s not “fully functional”. The Woocommerce Layered Nav won’t work on a customized page.

  17. Nice work, great video. Just subscribed. Looking forward to seeing more. cheers and have a great day!

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