Divi Theme Elegant Themes Tutorial Series Divi 2.4 June 2015 Part 1

Divi Theme Elegant Themes Tutorial Series Divi 2.4 June 2015 Part 1

Divi WordPress theme – the ultimate drag and drop pagebuilder theme by Elegant Themes

This is the next video in the series of Divi tutorials. Divi is the multifunctional WordPress theme of Elegant Themes and to be honest, if you master this WordPress theme you will never need another WordPress theme again (and that is not overstated).

Divi is as versatile as it gets and the good thing is that one of the biggest WordPress theme companies on the Net is constantly updating and upgrading. With the release of Divi 2.4 a new set of tutorials have been made and here are the chapters below:

An Overview of the New Divi Builder

Using the Divi Module Customizer

Adjusting Mobile Styles in the Divi Theme Customizer

Divi Fullwidth Header Module

The Divi Code Module

Importing and Exporting the Divi Library

Divi Rows and Row Settings

Using the Divi Header Customizer Settings

The Divi Library

Divi Library Global Modules

There is also a video titled Divi Theme Elegant Themes Tutorial Series Divi 2.4 June 2015 Part 2 and you can find it here:

The parts of that video include:

Divi Library Selective Sync
Divi Post Title Module
The Divi Theme and Module Customizer
Using the Divi Button Customizer Settings
Using The Layout & Typography Customizer Settings In Divi
Divi Advanced Design Settings & Custom CSS

If you go to that video, you will find a Chapter guide in the description box as well, so you can navigate as easy as in this video you are watching not about Divi.

Videos courtesy of Nick Roach, owner of Elegant Themes.


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  1. Thanks for this tutorial! Very very informative. Was pulling my hair out before I saw this

  2. I’ve just sucessfully finished import/export of DiviLibrary from one website to another.
    Many thanks for clear instructions

  3. Interesting tutorial !

    Divi and his Divi Builder, including CSS customization tabs for modules and sections, make Divi an extraordinary WordPress Theme! 🙂

  4. This tutorial is awesome. Just one question how to resize the logo on Centered Inline Logo setup i went to developer tool to see if I can resize it but i failed. Do you know how to resize it?

  5. why do you have 2 home pages on your navigation bar. I have the same problem, when i was trying to create my home page.

    How to remove the hardcoded Home button ?

  6. Thanks for this great tutorial.
    Is there a Calendar module for the Divi theme?
    Or a way to use a calendar plugin, I read that the Event Calendar plugin had some issues with Divi…

  7. Can you use any 3rd party WP plugin with Divi? Or, can you only use WP plugins that are specific to Divi, developed by Elegant Themes? I’m curious about Divi’s flexibility, when it comes to plugins.

  8. Brand new to this. How do I get a home page in Divi? I have a page that says Home on my menu but it leads nowhere

  9. hi there, i want to ask you something about divi, how can i contact you ?

  10. Very useful video, thanks a lots for making this video for beginning people like myself. It helps me a lot?

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