Create A Slider In WordPress

Create A Slider In WordPress

Create a slider in WordPress to make your website look super professional. This is one of the best sliders I have ever seen. It is responsive, you can add in videos, buttons, text and change the colors.

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  1. Hi Tyler, great job with your videos, learned a lot from you… fast question, is there a way to make sliders in mobile mode show only certain area of the full screen image?… problem I am having is that while the slider looks great in full screen, by the time it gets to be reduced to mobile phone it is just too small, so I like to designate an area from full screen slider that would be only showing on mobile phone… or could I even make different picture come in in mobile view? that would be awesome if the picture could change from full to medium to small screen… thanks

  2. Thanks Tyler for sharing! You helped me a lot. Great tutorial keep uploading more.

  3. Hi Tyler, thanks for this great explanatory video. Question: can I use this slider to show “recent posts” automatically on my weblog? Thanks!

  4. Hi Tyler, thank you for this great video.
    I’m also halfway through your 3 hour epic video too!
    I have a question which I hope you can answer: how do I prevent my images being copied from my website? As a photographer, this is really important to me.
    Thanks Again!

  5. Hello, Tyler! Thanks for your videos on YouTube. Very helpful! I have a question. I am using your theme called Tesseract. I was wondering if I could install polylang plugin to have more than one language. I tried to install it but all pages disappeared from the header. It took me a while to figure out how to get the pages back. So I had to uninstall the polylang plugin. Could you please give a hint how to go about this issue? Maybe I need to use a different plugin? Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work ???

  6. Does anyone else have a problem with spacing between header and slider? Even after I put all 0 in padding its still there

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