Contact Form – WordPress Tutorial Video

Contact Form – WordPress Tutorial Video

This WordPress plugin tutorial takes you through adding a contact form to your site using Fast Secure Contact Form. Free WordPress training by Site Sparker. For support – try the forums at so you to get help directly from plugin developers and the WordPress community.


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  1. I am enjoying your tutorials very much, thank you. Would love to see (if you don’t mind me posting a request) a video on using an FTP, adding images, links, etc to a sidebar, or any simple customizations in the header, footer and sidebar for beginners.
    Thanks again

  2. @WoopsyDaisyful adding sidebar links is easy. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to paste a link to the tutorial in this comments box.

    Regarding your other tutorial suggestions… All FTP programs look a bit different so that would a bit tricky to make a single video. And it would be quite difficult to do videos about modifying the header, footer and sidebar since all templates are quite different. Honestly, unless you want to learn a LOT about PHP and CSS its better to hire someone.

  3. Thank you so very much, my contact form is up and running now!!! Easier than I thought. Actually only needed to watch the first few minutes of video, I have no idea what’s all the rest about, lol

  4. Great, really helpful video. Nicely done! ? Sweet, I live in Olympia!

  5. In secure contact form, I want a password form, BUT, I want a specific password. Can you tell me how to set this in a PASSWORD field?

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