Build Business Websites With WordPress Step By Step Tutorial 2017

Build Business Websites With WordPress Step By Step Tutorial 2017

In this video wordpress tutorial I will show you how Build Premium Business Sites With WordPress Step by Step with no steps skipped. This tutorial uses the Premium Be Theme to create a layout and on screen design. I will show you how to use the Muffin Builder and set up the theme. Please like and Subscribe to my channel for more upcoming Tutorials and help me grow my channel. I appreciate all the support.

Sections that I will cover in this video:

1. What is Domain and Hosting and Why It is Important: 2:57

Link to Get Hostin:

2. Getting Domain and Hosting: 3:29

3. Installing WordPress On Hosting: 7:26

4. Tour of your default WordPress Installation: 12:42

5. Getting the Premium WordPress Be Theme: 14:40

6. Installing the theme and Required Premium Plugins: 18:00

7. Importing the Sample content (and slider): 22:50

8. Updating the Footer And Widget Areas: 25:20

9. Updating Google Map API Key: 29:00

10. Changing Video in the Revolution Sliders: 32:30

11. Creating Pages and add to Menu: 35:52

12. Customizing the header and Menu Look: 39:00

13. Changing the Logo: 52:30

14. Understanding the Muffin Builder: 54:26

15. Editing the Imported Content with Muffin Builder: 56:46

16. Creating quick Pages with Muffin Builder and the Be Theme: 1:31:44

17. Contact Forms and the Contact Page: 1:38:45

Important Resources:
Get the Best Value Deal on hosting:

Get the Premium WordPress Be Theme:

Written Instructions (Step by Step):

Need Professional Customization at Affordable Rate?

Free Videos and resources:

Free Slider Exchange from Theme Punch:

My Video on Slider Revolution 5:

Another BeTheme Tutorial from me:

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Build Business Sites With WordPress Step by Step Tutorial 2017

The Web hosting link is my affiliate link and I receive a small commission if you purchase with my link. I will appreciate it and It helps me support my channel and I re-invest my profit in my channel. I have personally used it and I am honest in my reviews of any product that I recommend.


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  2. I have a WordPress site and first time i use Sahifa theme.. When i installed any theme it’s works fine for few days after that i shows only white screen. So I again installed a fresh WordPress and install avada 5.0.5 it’s works fine for 2 days again it’s white screen.. Can you please give me a solution what’s the problem actually. I also set all things like Php limit,memory limit to recommend size but solution i found. Please help me.. Thanks

  3. wordpress has update their website now anyone can create their won website using wordpress also now they have their won domain system so we don’t have to go c panel or hostgator or any website. Do you have that wordpress latest version web design tutorial. but most importantly using wordpress software it was very easy to design a web or blog.

  4. Very detailed & thorough. Excellent Job Asad. It was not only informative but very interesting as well. Thanks for making this video. Helped me alot.

  5. Hi Asad,
    Your tutorial was very much useful, i just have a small query related to “Offer slider” which is there on the Home page of the website. Query is that, how I can change the content of offer slider.
    waiting for your precious reply…

  6. Hi Asad thank you for your very professional tutorial , But I’m having a problem I do not have the Be theme demo data. please what can I do. thank you

  7. you are fucking sick! this is the best tutorial of wp theme customization , thankyou more tuts please 🙂

  8. You should recommend domain privacy because once you register the domain name, you will start getting phone calls and e-mails for web design and SEO services from spammers every day.

  9. sir give me ? theme about this toutrial? i cant pay of this theme?? please sir give me them ?

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