Build A Professional Website With WordPress: How To Make A Single Page Website – 2017

Build A Professional Website With WordPress: How To Make A Single Page Website – 2017

Build a Professional Website With WordPress – In this WordPress tutorial for beginners I show step by step how to build a professional website with WordPress. I do my best to show beginners how to make a single page website. There are so many different ways to create a website with WordPress, but in this case we’ll be using a free theme as the base for our project. This one page website is great because it’s mobile responsive, and it can be viewed on any device. Additionally, there is absolutely no coding required in this video. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more helpful WordPress tutorials released regularly!

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29 Replies to “Build A Professional Website With WordPress: How To Make A Single Page Website – 2017”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to check out this video everyone! I really hope you enjoy it 🙂
    Feel free to subscribe for more WordPress related tutorials going forward!

  2. Thank You !! It was very helpful, I followed your every step and it was very easy to understand. Keep up the work !!

  3. When you first go to look at your menu at 26:36, you have a list on the right (features,about,showreel,etc). I have followed all your steps and yet it only displays this, Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

  4. Hi! Good Work i love it ! But i have a big question… how can i resize a page ? like about page…cause i want to add more text !

  5. I can’t import the demo data. i’m getting this notice “No FameThemes’s themes data detected, please make sure you are using one of our theme” but i’ve installed the fame theme plugin

  6. 1)how to link contact forms ,to receive customer message to us and 2) how to make our website on search engines

  7. I added a header image that is 1600×800 as suggested by the theme, but it is not responsive and most of the information on it gets cut off. I am using an image that is essentially the product’s brochure and I need it to display full width, but it does not do that.

  8. Thank you so much for this Video… it is awesome… great video very useful….!! I hope you may help us more with videos in future…!! Thanks TOM…!!

  9. Enjoyed your tutorial and it was explained well and helped me a lot, thank you Charlie

  10. CANNOT import data for screens , all plugins installed
    Internal Server Error (500)Check your front end, demo data may imported.

  11. Hi Tom. Thank you for this insightful & helpful tutorial. I followed all of your easy instructions only to discover that I do not have the Front page sections panel as part of this theme I downloaded, sad & disappointingly true! Is there a reason for this or should I need to purchase it? Regardless of the fact that you mentioned in the beginning that we don’t need to pay further to complete a basic website. Your assistance is appreciated.

  12. How can I make multiple websites locally using the same theme in WordPress?
    I am using XMPP server and started to build WordPress website but when I tried to build another website with the same theme, it either removes the previous website which I built or I have to try some other themes. what is the solution to it?

  13. Hi Tom
    i am trying to change the icons on the features section to icons i made in logomakr and cant find out on how i do this. Can you please help me on this one.

  14. Thank you Tom that is so easy to create a wordpress site. I used to think it is very difficult. Just one thing, I set the contact form email to my gmail and I didn’t receive any of the message sent from contact form. What should I do to link my gmail with the contact form?

  15. Nice tutorials
    however, I was unable to “import demo data” with a notice message “Notice: No FameThemes’s themes data detected, please make sure you are using one of our theme.” Can you suggest how to solve this issue ? Thanks

  16. How do I remove “Screenr parallax theme by FameThemes” at the bottom of the page?

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