Best Free Page Builder Plugin For WordPress – Elementor Tutorial

Best Free Page Builder Plugin For WordPress – Elementor Tutorial

Download Free Elementor Page Builder Here –

Discover how to use Elementor by watching this video tutorial. One of the fastest free page builder plugins for WordPress. This plugin enables you to design your web-pages whatever way you want!

Do you want to make a professional looking landing page? Or show several pictures of your products in a single page? Or anything else? Well, then Elementor is the perfect choice!

Here are 5 reasons which make Elementor the best page builder out there:

1 – Completely Free

The free version comes with a crazy amount of features. No restrictions like other similar plugins. Where many times you feel like you need the pro version to be able to do anything at all.

Using Elementor you won’t have such problems! It even feels like too good to be true but it’s indeed true!

2 – No Coding Skills Needed

You won’t need to waste time learning CSS to be able to design your pages whatever you like.

3 – Easy Interface

The interface is simple and clean. Just install it and in a matter of seconds you’re designing your pages like a pro!

4 – Real Time Loading

You may reposition and add new elements without clunkiness or loadings.

5 – Versatile

Elementors works with most modern WordPress themes.
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8 Replies to “Best Free Page Builder Plugin For WordPress – Elementor Tutorial”

  1. why it makes changes on the elementor builder but when I save it and see online its look different?

  2. Hellouuu 🙂
    How to create dropdown menu inside Elementor page with buttons?

  3. I just started working on my themeshop soc Viral. Theoretically, why would one add this seemingly fine plugin to a pro bought theme?

  4. At a risk of appearing dense, I want to know how to use the landing page I created………my problem is I cannot get the new (one page) landing page to show. I see the old page instead of the new one. How do I make the new page to show? Hope I was clear. Thank you kindely

  5. Very, very handy instruction video – thank you. Easy to follow & simply narrated. Great job.

    I stumbled upon Elementor by accident yesterday & tried it briefly. What an amazing plugin & how fast it loads pages is cool.

    Definitely a WordPress plugin I recommend so far. As well as your videos. Thanks again.

  6. Elementor is at truly excellent Plugin – the landing pages it helps create are stunning – thanks for letting us all know about Elementor – you’ve certainly helped me. Thanks!!

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